How to Make an Easter Egg Bunting

I don’t tend to do a LOT of decorating for Easter – usually just our Easter Table complete with Easter Tree  and any craft that the children make. But this year I thought I would try my hand at making a bunting to hang up and make it just that little more exciting!

First job was to find some printables that I could use. I knew I wanted Easter Eggs and after some Googling I came across these gorgeous ones – even better they are free!! Technically they are for a matching game – but they are the perfect size for a bunting.

I printed them onto card stock so they would keep their shape and not look too flimsy. I used a very light mauve board to give the eggs a little more depth of colour.

And then cut them out – I used 4 sheets in total.

Using cotton, I threaded through each egg twice, making sure that the cotton line was visible at the BACK of the egg. I threaded twice so that they wouldn’t slide up and down on the cotton – and they hold their position nicely. Also keep in mind that the needle should not be too thick so that the hole is not bigger than the thread.

Hang the bunting in position, and then spread the eggs out evenly.

And that’s it!! Easy as pie.

One tip – the cotton can be a little temperamental to use because it is so thin. You could also use a thin string which wouldn’t tangle so easily. I chose cotton because I wanted the eggs to look like they were miraculously hanging in mid-air!

Now from the person who has not a single creative bone in her body, I can assure you this is a VERY quick, easy and effective piece of Easter fun. The kids love it, and want to write a note to the Easter Bunny so that he can see how much we enjoy Easter.

I think the Easter Bunny would like that very much indeed!



  1. Looks great Nat! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Danielle Brennan says:

    How cute.. definitely something for me to attempt over the weekend!

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