Organising Towels for 4 Kids

I can’t believe it took me so long to solve this dilemma. We had a problem in the children’s bathroom – there was a very real chance that we were about to be buried alive under a mountain of towels. With every new child to join the household, we had to find a new place to hang their towel.

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When Lucy arrived on the scene, our towel hanging system consisted of one towel on the towel rail, one towel on each side of the shower screen, and then Lucy’s towel had to be flung over her bedroom door. We also had to manage 4 face washers and a hand towel. It was driving me nuts but I couldn’t think of a better way.

Until, that is, I saw Sonia’s post on Life Love and Hiccups. With three boys, Sonia had to come up with a system to “encourage” her children to hang their wet towels after showers. And while her system sounded fantastic (assigning one towel colour per user), I was most excited to see the answer to my towel prayers in her pictures – hooks!!! Of COURSE!!!!

Off to IKEA we went to buy some hooks – I wanted ones that wouldn’t be too sharp or nasty if heads happened to collide with the hooks, and they needed to be easy enough for a 3 year old to use.

After testing a few different sorts, we finally settled on the BAREN Hangers – $4.99 for a 2-pack.

Back home, Daddy Smiles set to work. He had to remove the existing towel rail, but instead of just getting rid of it totally, he shortened it so we could still hang our funky little hand towels on to it (and it was one less set of drill holes to fill).

The children chose their towels from IKEA (FRAJEN towels $11.99) because they have the loop already sewn in, but it really wouldn’t be hard to add a loop to your existing towels if you are domestically inclined.

To avoid teething issues, we marked above each hook with the initial of the hook owner – there could be no arguments now about who owned which towel and where it had to hang (the pen will just rub off when we are ready).

We also use the Boon Frog Pod for extra storage for face washers, toys, soap and shampoo.

So a huge thank you to Sonia for inspiring us to restore order in the kids’ bathroom!


  1. We have had similar issues… Hooks are a great idea! I might have to do this myself…. We have the Boon Ladybug in our bathroom. They are SO great!!!

  2. nice idea…very innovative

  3. When we renovated we put in extra support for our girls (3 of them) bathroom and put hooks. I am not into multiple colours so we got their name monogramed in their choice of colour on big white towels. And we have the frog too. The frog was costly but worth every cent!

  4. looks fab Nat…well done….where did you get the boon frog from???

  5. Alex’s grandma has that system. When we were visiting she thought I was using beach towels because my towel didn’t have those loops lol. Now she keeps buying Max towels with loops.

  6. How do you attach the frog to the wall? Our kept falling off. I’ve stopped using it for that reason :(

    • That’s no good Eve! I think I might do a Blog Review on Froggy – he seems to be quite popular. But we haven’t done anything different to what the instructions say.

  7. Loving this idea!

  8. Love that frog! I will have to look at getting one. I too have towel issues – 5 kids, 2 towel rails…I constantly have to wash towels because they are just dumped on the floor. Not sure if the hooks will work for us – do they dry out sufficiently between use? I was thinking of getting one of the multi-rail hangers…

    • They really do Donna! I was worried about that as well but as long as we keep the window open and well ventilated it hasn’t been a problem at all.

  9. Oh what a fantastic idea. The kids bathroom towel holders are on the back of the door, up way too high even for my very tall 5 year old to reach. Towels usually end up on the floor! Will have to add two of these hooks to my Ikea list!

  10. just curious.. how well do the towels dry in between uses?
    im so over towels on the floor, over door knobs, & washing after each use.. yes i do have a lil bit of ocd there! lol
    i have a large towel rail, a over the top of door hook thing & 1 hook on the back of the bathroom door!
    no one likes to hang their towels back up.. i think that has to start changing with me & mayb wash every 2nd use to start with!! lol

    • I do love fresh towels! But we are on tank water so we are a little cautious with washing but I TOTALLY get where you are coming from! We have a quite a large window in the bathroom which is fully open all day so they get a lovely breeze and have no issues with drying. It was worse when they were crammed up next to each other on one rail.

  11. Yay – our plan is working. We are saving mothers sanity one bathroom at a time :) xx

  12. In our old house I put towel rails on the back of the kids bedroom doors.

  13. Leena Leung says:

    Nat what other hooks did you try out? And how did you test them? What was it about these ones that proved them to be the best? I am looking for a system that works for us too – we are a family of 5 who seem to be forever having issues with our towel management!Thanks

    • Leena we tried just about all of the ones in IKEA lol! We wanted ones that wouldn’t be too hard for the kids to hook onto, as well as ones which wouldn’t rip out of the wall if they pulled on the towels. We were also conscious of sharp edges in case little heads banged against them. These ones are still going strong, and have been fantastic.

  14. I know this is an old post but we just finished our bathroom renovation and used this towel rail from Reece for a tight space between the shower and the bath. Each of the 4 arms can hold one or two towels and each arm swivels a full 180 degress on the wall.

    • Natalie says:

      Oh what a clever idea – love it!! Such a great solution for small bathroom (and lots of towels!)

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