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If you are anything like me, you will know how quickly time passes. That one day you are holding your tiny new baby, and the next you are patting them on the head and kissing them goodbye as they start school – seriously! How many times have you heard (and said!), “oh it goes so quickly”. Well it does. Often we are so stuck in our routines, that we can sometimes forget that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans (thankyou John Lennon :)).

So when Becky Higgins developed the Project Life Kit, I knew it was a rare opportunity to actually capture and grasp those fleeting moments – so that they are forever recorded for my children and my children’s children (and indeed for husband and I when we are old and grey and we wonder what on earth happened to us during those 20 years of child rearing). In a nutshell, Project Life is a great big photo album in which you can store a year’s worth of photographs, and space to store journalling cards so that you can actually record the story behind the photo. The scrapbookers love it because you can be as creative as you like (I am SO not creative) and the non-scrappers love it because you can do the most simple, basic version AND IT STILL LOOKS FAB!!!! This is where I come in!

I have chosen to complete my Project Life as a “photo a day”. That means I have committed to taking one photo every single day in 2011. Now that did seem daunting at first, but now that I am almost a month in, I realise I am having trouble, not in remembering to take one photo a day, but in trying to find the BEST one that captures our day. Because Lucy is such a wee little baby, I am enjoying capturing how quickly she is growing. But I have also taken snaps of the kids playing with new Christmas presents, some baking, guests in our home, the rain and floods, and “normal” photos of our backyard. And I say normal because THIS is exactly what we tend to forget! We always have the big days – birthdays, weddings etc, but we so often forget that 90% of our life is just normal. And this is what our children will remember in years to come. Here is a spread from my album to give you an idea.

I have stored all my extra journalling cards, my pen, stamp and stamp pad in this cute little box from Ikea. When I get a spare moment, I can sit down and just have to grab the box and album and I am underway. Saves wasting 10-15 mins trying to find everything! I also highly recommend having your photos printed online – I use Snapfish. You can edit them at home when you have a chance, and there is no urgent dash to the shops to pick them – they are delivered to your door. My last order cost just 9c per photo and $2.95 for delivery – I think that is a BARGAIN! When the photos arrive, I just pop them in the box with the other bits and pieces ’til I am ready for my “session”. My basic rule is to order prints every Sunday night, and journal once a week. I have journalled both before and after having my photos printed and either works fine.

I am so excited about completing my album this year, and I think it’s a wonderful way to remind yourself of all the amazing moments, achievements, and people who are in your life.

If you are interested in completing Project Life for yourself – there are HEAPS of blogs dedicated to completing the kit, including some inspiring  ideas for your photo a day. One of my favourite blogs belongs to a wonderful friend (she is my Organizing Inspiration! ) and she has a heap of Project Life Ideas here – Super Organiser Mum

Get snapping and ………SMILE!


  1. I am in love with PL! Just wondering how you got 2010 design? Did u do a freight forward from the staTes? I wish we had an Australian distributor, I believe the NZ shop is out of them again! I would love to get my hands on a 2010 kit if u know anyone who has one. Great blog BTW, just been back through and read everything! Good luck with it, ur on my daily schedule now! Lol

    • Kris, thank-you so much for your lovely comments! I really appreciate the feedback :)
      Project Life is incredible – I am truly loving it!! I must admit a guilty secret – I actually bought the 2010 kit in January 2010 and had planned to complete it last year, but time just got away from me and I didn’t even unpack it!! Then suddenly this year I opened it up and realised how brilliant and EASY it was, and the rest is history! So that’s why my 2011 album is actually the 2010 kit. Hopefully by next year, we will have an Australian distirbutor so it won’t be so hard to get our hands on!


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