My 12 Week Body Transformation with Michelle Bridges – A Review

I know there a few of you who have looked into completing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT programme, so thought I might do a quick review for those of you who are interested.

I am one of those lucky (??) mothers who piles on the kilos in pregnancy – somewhere around 25-30kg each time! No matter how careful I was, it just happened (honestly, who would have thought a block of chocolate every night could do that to a girl!). But after each baby, I managed to get back down to my normal healthy weight, and then *BOOM* pregnant again!

After Lucy I was a bit slower off the mark in getting started on my weight loss journey. I truly believe that Mums should just let themselves enjoy their newborn bub and not stress about the weight they may have gained. “Nine months on, nine months off” is something I have always considered sensible and realistic advice. And because I knew Lucy was our last bubba, I just wanted to focus on enjoying her, because when you actively focus on losing weight it is quite time consuming.

So after much consideration, I decided I was ready to start my weight loss journey, and I signed up for Round 2 of the Michelle Bridges program. I don’t go into these things half-hearted. I was 100% committed and prepared to follow the program to the letter. And I did…. sort of.

The program includes a nutrition plan, exercise plan, weekly mindset lessons, weekly live chats, and forums.

The meal plan is fantastic. It’s FULL of fresh vegetables, and high in protein. The program includes a shopping list, the full meal plan for the week, and all the recipes.This really works for me – I’ll eat anything (oops I tell a lie – I did pass on the kangaroo) as long as it is easy to prepare and the ingredients can be purchased from Coles Online. Just a note about meals – the kids usually requested/required separate meals. It was easier to make them something different, than try to convince them to eat what I was having. But the handy slow-cooker took care of this many times for me!

The exercise was a whole different kettle of fish. I love exercising – I have no issues with doing it at all. BUT finding the time was near impossible. The program specifies around 60-75 mins of exercise per day, with a Super Session of 90mins on a Saturday. I tried – I really tried to fit this in, but it just was not possible to find that solid block of time in my day. After a week, I gave up on the exercise, and just commited to the diet. I really would have liked there to be some realistic advice for people in a similar situation – like incidental exercising, and exercising with children. But there wasn’t – it’s all pretty hardcore. And if I hear someone say “JFDI” (Just F******G Do It) one more time, I may scream.

The thing is – weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. So I was REALLY strict with my diet, and stuck with it (except for my visit to the Lindt Cafe in Sydney!). After 12 weeks, I have lost 15kg, and feel great. I still have a few more pesky kilos to go but I am confident I will get there. I feel healthy, my knees no longer ache (gotta love old netball knees!), and I am wearing clothes that I actually like (not just the ones that fit).

The downside?

I’m not really into the whole “celebrity” thing. Michelle Bridges seems very passionate about the program, but I was one of thousands of people completing the program at the same time. Other than other members on the forum, there was no personal contact whatsoever. The mind-set messages were pre-recorded and the live sessions were so jam-packed with people wanting to talk “to Michelle” that it was just chaos. So when she says that she will be your personal trainer for the 12 weeks, it’s a little mis-leading. It’s like Ronald McDonald saying he’ll cook your Big Mac for you (OK bad fast food analogy when talking about a diet program!)

I think a smaller program, facilitated by a qualified “non-celebrity”, who actually connected with the members would yield better results. There is no safety net – if you fall off the wagon, you are on your own. There is no-one to pick you up, unless you ask for help from other members on the forum. That being said, the members are pretty amazing and there is always at least one person who will understand your situation.

Like anything – you reap what you sew. If you are committed to the program (and hey, it’s ONLY 12 weeks of your life!), then I absolutely recommend it. Don’t expect any magic results – it’s hard work, and you have to be prepared to make sacrifices.

Diet is KEY. You WILL get over your cravings, and you WILL get enough food. And there is a nice little collection of recipes that will be all yours at the end of the program (I am having mine bound to make a 12WBT cookbook)!

Am I happy I did it? Ummmmm Heck YES!!! It was just the first step in reclaiming me (after 7 years of producing and nurturing 4 children), AND I got to go shopping for lots of new outfits!! I was also breastfeeding throughout the program, and my milk supply wasn’t affected at all. You just need to be sensible with exercising, and make sure you get enough calcium. I didn’t bother topping up my calorie intake too much, but I did make sure I had extra yoghurt, milk or cheese each day.

I hope that helps a little and for those who have signed up for a weight-loss program, I wish you a successful journey. Stay positive, stay strong, stay healthy!


What have you found to be the most successful weight loss program? Why did it work for you?


  1. Congratulations! It sounds to me like you were very successful, despite having to make some changes to the program to fit your lifestyle. I love exercise as well, but as a single mom with a FT job, finding the time is a *huge* challenge. What I would give for a free hour to spend at the gym every day! I just started WW. I was very successful with them before I had kids and so am going back.

    • Thank you so much! Isn’t it funny that we envy those who do actually get to the gym – never thought I would have THOSE thoughts!! I really like WW – very sensible, realistic and long term advice. Good luck on your journey – I am sure you will be very successful!

  2. 15kgs is awesome! Good on you for doing it!

    I think an hour of exercise is s bit extreme. I found thirty minutes on the wii step helped me move mine. And bf also helps!

    • Thanks so much Jess! I tried wii fit but it was a bit slow – I’ll have to give Wii Step a try – sounds perfect!

  3. Oh Nat, you shouldn’t worry yourself about losing weight now. You have 4 children and really don’t have the time for that amount of exercise a day. Once Lucy goes to school hopefully you will have more time for yourself and be able to join a local gym for that social interaction also. Meanwhile, there are other ways to lose weight. Try not to eat past 6-7pm so your body can burn the fat off before sleep. No chocies, biscuits, cakes, hot chocolates, or anything that is full of fat. These are best enjoyed around lunch time so your body can burn the fat off. I guarantee you will lose weight if you don’t eat in the evenings. We have dinner after school every night as kids are fammished and then they don’t eat snacks. I started this 10yrs ago and have found that it works. If you need to snack in the evenings, buy some rice crackers or other low-fat products. Get a good sleep, early to bed and early to rise (makes a man healthy, weathy and wise, lol). Try cut out fat content in your groceries, check labels. Go for the low-fat products instead. I found that using skim milk with my coffees and no soft drinks have reduced my weight immensely. I’ve never been an overweight person but I do know what puts the weight on as sometimes I munch’n’crunch on chippies in the evenings and find I put a few kilos on (believe it or not, chips are taboo!) Regarding exercise, go watch Rocky 2 where he uses natural resources to get fit . . . running on sand, great for the legs. Take the kids for a walk along the sand more often (if u can) and have a jog around your backyard. Use tins of food as weights for your arms, Lucy can watch u and laugh, lol. Jump on the trampoline, great for the heart, not so good for the bladder, lol, but will make that stronger too. Go swimming, good for knees too. Sex is good too but we won’t go there, lol. Don’t get obsessed with it as you won’t lose weight if you’re expecting to. Remain happy and lots of laughing (good for the tummy muscles). Pull some weeds, mow the lawn (great for the arms and bum, lol). Perhaps instead of shopping online, take Lucy to the supermarket and do your shopping, pushing a trolley is a good work out for the arms and tummy (not so good for the knees though). We are meant to also eat fruit before meals and not after, helps digest the food better. After people go on a diet they usually put the weight back on due to not changing their eating habits. Change your ways slowly not all of a sudden. Give yourself time and remain happy. Buy yourself a book that shows which fruit n vegies are low in fat and help absorb fat. Treat yourself occasionally without guilt. Sorry I rambled again (I can’t help myself). Just know that I personally think you are beautiful inside and out and shouldn’t worry so much about your weight at this time of your life. Enjoy your life and family as we only get one chance. Plenty of time once kids are older. Gotta go do my workout now: picking kids clothes up off the ground, lol. Good luck and don’t stress!!! (although, stress makes you lose weight also, lol). XOXO

    • Oh Jules you make me laugh! Lots of fabulous advice and great tips there!! I actually feel much happier when I am healthy, so I was more stressed before I started losing! Now I can enjoy a moderate diet and not feel so miserable about it all. AND I get to wear new swimmers this summer – woo hoo!!!
      Maybe you should right a diet book for Mums – I think it would be a winner!

  4. Michelle Bridges . . . pffft! Has she got 4 children??? (lol) I bet if she squeezed out 4 kids she wouldn’t be worrying about her weight. (lol)

    • Lol – yes it’s hard to be “inspired” by a beautiful body that hasn’t had children! But then again Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr have been there lol. It probably helps if you are a supermodel to start with! Hee hee

  5. sounds like you did a great job of losing! Thanks for posting this Ive been wondering what the 12wk program was like for a while..the exercise sounds full on and pretty near impossible for most people.. I have her recipe book might just stick to the meal plans in that..

    • Sarah, I have heard her books are really great (haven’t had a chance to look at one yet!), so I think that is a great idea!

  6. You are my inspiration Nat!

    I can do this!

  7. Ok firstly, I shouldn’t be eating a row of chocolate while I read this but more importantly, congratulations on dropping 15kgs that’s amazing!

    60-75 mins of exercise a day is totally unrealistic for most people let alone a mummy with 4 small children to take care of. I don’t personally believe that intense daily exercise is beneficial either, your body needs downtime to recover after each workout and you could end up with injuries that impact on long term fitness.

    Its disappointing that you have to rely on other forum members for information and encouragment, its certainly misleading to say that Michelle is your personal trainer for the 12 weeks.

    Thank you for sharing such detailed thoughts on this program.

    • Mmmmmmm – chocolate!!! lol

      I would love to know if there are many Mums of young children who actually found the time to exercise! It’s awful when Michelle talks about “excuses” and you suddenly feel guilty for not being able to find the time. But once I let go of the guilt (and the exercising!), it all became a lot easier.

      • I started the 12wbt last year, when my daughter was 14 months old. I was like you – strict with the nutrition, not so strict with the exercise. However, what I did was make the exercise work for me.

        I looked at what she had set and tweaked what I could to do in half an hour each week day. So, I didn’t do all the cool down stretches each day, I did the abs at a different time from the rest of the exercises, etc. I also skipped the core day. So I ended up doing 5 days of exercise per week. About half an hour a day Monday – Thursday, either first thing in the morning, or late at night, and then did about an hour on the weekend.

        I also did her “outdoor” workout in my lounge room at home, so could exercise while my daughter slept, which helped.

        Congrats on the 15 kilos – that is awesome!!!

  8. Thanks for the review Nat – very interesting. I joined the gym a few months ago after my 2nd bub turned 1 – I figured it was time to try and shift the extra baby weight. I only have about 5 kilos to lose, but it will make a big difference to me. I LOVE going to the gym – it is time out from the kids and the house, and a big stress reliever. BUT, it is sooo hard to get there. The only time I can go is very early in the morning before hubby goes to work (ie. 5am – yuck!), or after the kids go to bed at night – so after 7pm, which makes a late night for me. So at the moment I’m only managing to get there 2 or 3 times a week. Hmmm, no weight shifted so far, lol. But I am determined to keep trying! Might look into the Michelle Bridges cook books – perhaps I will have more success with a diet plan. Thanks again,

    • Go Karen!!! 2 or 3 times a week to the gym is brilliant! Gee those last 5kg are hard aren’t they, but I know you will do it!
      The meals are great – they might just be the winning formula.
      All the best with it!

  9. Hi Nat, this is SO helpful to read. I just found yuor post via google after talking with Sarah from Ah, The Possibilities on Twitter about the program which she is about to start and I’m thinking about. 15kg in 12 weeks is amazing! There’s NO way I could get 60+mins of exercise in every day but you’ve definitely got me thinking. Apparently Huggies is running a Mum-specific one so the forums will be specifically geared toward Mums which should help. Maybe? Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

    • Hi Louisa! I haven’t heard of the Huggies one – that sounds very interesting!! If it’s specifically tailored for Mums who are typically time poor then that sounds fantastic. I wish you luck on your weight loss journey – anything is possible!!

      • HI Natalie, thanks so much! BTW your comment replies don’t get emailed to the original comment so the only way someone knows you have replied is if they come back to their comment to see. Check out the plugin “reply me” which sends your reply directly via email (if you want, of course!)

  10. Thanks so much for sharing Nat! I was wondering if you could please tell me, are the groceries expensive? Will it be like buying two sets of groceries or does Michelle use ingredients that will or could be used by the kids too? Money is tight for us and hubby wants me to try and lose the weight by myself but I feel I need extra support.

    • Hi Kristy-lee, to be totally honest the groceries are pretty expensive. But as you get through the program, the herbs and spices and sauces start to be used more so you don’t have to buy as much in the middle of the program as you do at the beginning. But there is chicken breast, smoked salmon etc etc that all add up. The children didn’t have any of the meals from the program – so I shopped and cooked separately for them. But my hubby ate what I did, and just added some bread, extra pasta or extra meat etc. I wish you good luck, and am certain you can do it – it’s just getting your head around exactly how it will be done :)

      • Well done nat. I too have been doing this program and have found the meal plans fantastic! I have 2 children aged 4 and 6 and they love, love, love all the meals which has made it soooo easy. Regarding the exercise I just make sure I do ‘something’ everyday for 30 mins…

        • Hi Heidi – that magic “something” is amazing isn’t it. It’s nice to remove the pressure of having to do some formal exercising and just being able to go with the flow – maybe a walk, or a bike a ride or even just grocery shopping! It all adds up and makes a difference. Great to hear you are enjoying it and it is working for your family!

  11. Great piece Nat! Thanks for sharing! This is timely because I am actually thinking about doing it. I only have about 7kg to lose but am in 2 minds because we also want to try for another baby now. Maybe I should buy her recipe book & do the proper investment later down the track. Would love your thoughts. Thanks again. Sue

    • Hi Sue – it’s always a really tough decision when considering conceiving. I think the recipe books would be a great start, and if you find that you are enjoying the meals, then maybe the program might be something you consider in the next round. I have faith that you will find a way to shed those last few pesky kilos!!! All the best with your baby making :)

  12. I’m not a huge fan of exercise these days – although i used to love it. Anyway, i tried the WeighItUp/Dr Tickell diet this year and it was pretty good. I felt great. I tend to find the food prep with most diets (I’m starting 12wbt in feb and suspect itll be the same) pretty labour intensive! I work FT so i’m all for quick!!
    Anyway, re the exercise – I’m getting up earlier each morning to walk the dog (he’s now happy) and gone back to horseriding once a week – better than nothing i figure!

  13. Hii Natalie,
    Thanks for writing this honest review..I have asking people in my local mums groups and checking out 12wbt forums,but no-one answered my question as a mum…I love excercising too.. but its finding the time that I am worried about..and even if I find the time.. 60-75 minutes thats a lot!! I am trying to find some excercise videos that I can use while my elder one(5yo) is at school and the baby (5mo) naps.

    • Hi Trish – I’m glad it was helpful for you :) The Michelle Bridges DVDs are actually quite good, and can be fitted arounded your children (as long as they don’t get underfeet when jumping around!).
      All the best with your programme – stay strong and stick at it and you will do great!

  14. Hi Nat,

    Was so great to read your thoughts! I am currently doing round 1 2012 and have been struggling with the guilt about not fitting in enough exercise or doing the exercise program set. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated reading how difficult it was for you and how genuine reasons and life really do get in the way and its not just excuses. I also am married with 4 young children & packed on the kgs with each pregnancy. I feel really empowered now to do what I can and accept that. So thanks!
    I too find her recipes great for me but either my husband or I cook separately for our family.
    Take care and thanks again, I enjoyed your feedback.

    • Hi Erin – thank you so much for your comments! I have also signed up again for the 12WBT and have been blogging each week about the process. I have found that this time around, the mental toughness is what I am needing to focus on more than anything. If you search for 12WBT on the blog, you will find all my posts. Congratulations on embracing the change!!!

  15. Great review, I’m considering giving this a go as my baby number 4 is 8mths old and I’d really like to lose the remaining few kgs I’m carrying around!

  16. Hi Nat,
    Again I am a mother who has been constantly looking at the 12 week program with Michelle Bridges but I just can’t seem to hit that sign up now button. It was great to hear your thoughts and how honest you are with them. I am so keen to start the program but was wondering how I would fit in the exercise as well but I know as you said the nutrition part is a huge part of this. What an amazing job you did losing 15kilos. You have given me the inspiration to do the program and I am trying to get my husband to do it with me. Thanks again. Renee

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Renee,
      Thank you so much for your comments! I am so thrilled to hear that you have taken a next step for your fitness and happiness!
      I am sending you all the very best vibes for a successful and enjoyable book transformation!

  17. I just found ur post via google.. i have just signed up for the ichelle bridges 12wbt… I have 3 kids 5 yrs old ( at kindy) a 1 yr old and 8 week old… Hopfully this kick starts my lose

  18. When I at first commented I clicked on the Notify me whenever new comments are added checkbox and currently each and every time a comment is added I receive four emails with the same comment.

    • Natalie says:

      Hi there,
      I’m sorry I’m not sure why that would be? I haven’t heard of it happening before. Are you able to unsubscribe from the comments?

  19. Well done on the success :-) I have bought both her book and was wondering if the program and diet are the same as I wouldn’t want to spend $200 if I have the info thanks :-)

  20. Michelle says:

    An hour of exercise every day, is she kidding? I have a teenager, a nearly 2yo and a 15wk old, and there is no way I could manage that much. I exercise 3 or 4 times a week for between 30-45 mins and while I would dearly love to exercise more, I just can’t right now! Not unless I want to get up at 5.30 ever morning so I can squeeze in a session before my kids wake up! Mmm no, I need my sleep too! Still got about 8kg to lose but I’ll get there. Good on you for losing 15kg!

  21. Hi Natalie,

    In some ways I wish I had read your post a few days ago. IE BEFORE I signed up for round three. I am nervous and excited to give it a go, so it does help to know that you managed to shift so much weight on the meal plan plus some exercise. As an expat with three kids, one of whom is four months old, I am already thinking that the exercise could be my hardest part. I will try though.

    Thank you

    • Natalie says:

      Hi DJ! Congratulations on your decision to sign up. And really DON”T WORRY about the exercise. If you can commit to the diet alone, you will succeed! Any little bit you do will help too. All the best with it!

  22. As Michelle says its really 80% food and 20% exercise, and 80% has to be better than 0% doesn’t it? I’ve signed up for round 3 and am slowly getting pumped up to do it! Thank you for the review, it helped me to decide to join and give it the best I can!

  23. Im doing the 12 wbt at the moment and it is a relief to read your review. No one in the forums really admits to being really time poor with kids. I was trying to get up early but was so exhursted I had no energy for my kids during the day. Sure I’m not as “busy” as the priminister of Australia ;) but I’m fairly sure his time was more his own than mine. Thanks for your realistic views, I’m going to make the program work for me and chuck out the guit!!

    • Hi Julie – thank you so much for your comment. The guilt is awful isn’t it – I really felt like it was impacting me at the beginning! Congratulations on making the decision to chuck out the guilt, and good luck with the rest of the programme. It’s amazing what you can achieve if you can be really strict with the food. You can do it!!

  24. Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for detailing your experiences with the programme. I had a question regarding cooking time for the receipes ? We are a busy family with both of my young boys doing sports training about 2-3 hrs per day and 3-4 hours weekend. Therefore I am never available to spend time to cook. Do the meals take long ?

    Its so true about 80% about what you eat. I’ve spent many 5am starts dying on the treadmill only to ruin it with chips and chocolates late night tv watching and then all over again. Hope the program covers emotional eating ?

    Any advice regarding the programme for preparation time would be very much appreciated, thanks

    • Hi Billie! I did find that there was quite a lot of preparation, however that’s only because I was so used to making quick, easy (and often not very healthy!) meals. There are a few ways you can work around it – cook up extra and use the leftovers the next day / night, chop your veges earlier in the day so it’s not such a rush at night, or re-arrange your meals so that the more complex meals can be done on days when you have a bit more time. I found that this is the key to being able to maintain the healthy lifestyle, long after the 12 weeks – as preparation is the key to eating well. Hope that helps!

  25. Hi Nat
    Congratulations on your results and all the feed back you give ,I to am considering signing up for round 4 can you tell me once your goal is reached what is offered in the wSy of maintenance

    • Hi Niki – thanks so much for your question. I can only comment from my own experience and I am not sure what changes have been made to the program since I did it, however unless you sign up for another round (you can move onto high levels of fitness programs) there is NO maintenance support at all. It would be up to you to revisit the mind lessons and incorporate all that you have learned over the 12 weeks into your new lifestyle. I think this is probably the program’s biggest downfall and something I really struggled with. For 12 weeks you are told exactly what to eat, and then suddenly you’re on your own. It’s quite hard to transition back to normal life – that is without being told exactly what to eat! I hope that helps a little :)

  26. Hi-i loved your review, and Congratulations! 15kg is such an achievement, and with 4 little ones too.
    I’m looking to sign up for this, i have one little 12 month old at home, but my husband is away for work most of the year, and we’re away half the year (so ingredients etc aren’t always available everywhere-God, no wonder i need to lose weight!)-just wondering, do you think this is something realistic for me? Also, is it a very meat heavy diet, as i’m not a big meat eater.

    Thank you!

  27. Hi guys!

    I can’t really comment on this subject, but it has severly interested me. I havn’t got children, however I DID think about the scenarios for a women WITH children. I was thinking, Is that even possible!? You girls are amazing!

    I am unsure, so please forgive me if I give some terrible ideas, but have you tried things like setting the kids up to paint or make ‘pasta necklaces’ while you use the exercise dvd? Or tried making some bulk weekly meals on a sunday, and getting the kids involved, on your “rest day” for throughout the week, so instead of cooking a couple of times a week, you can be jumping around. It takes alot of planning doesn’t it!

    I completely agree with most of the comments on 45-60 minutes being too much exercise everyday/6 days a week, but remember that the 12wbt is a weight loss body transformation, so michelle bridges is kicking our bodies into overdrive for crazy weightloss results. I regularly eat 1,700 calories and exercise 20-40 minutes per day, and managed to lose 16kg of weight doing that alone, but that took four months, where as I have lost 5kg in two weeks with the michelle bridges program. So you just do what you can do :-)

  28. Well done Natalie, thanks for sharing your experience. Its also really encouraging to hear you lost 15kg just using the diet. I have a 7 month old baby and have 15-20kg to lose after putting on over 20kg during the pregnancy and already being 10kg overweight when I got pregnant. I am into the 2nd week of Round 4 and lost 2.6kg in the first 9 days! I also found it hard to stick exactly to the exercise program so have taken to getting up when my baby wakes at 6 and going for a 1 hour walk which includes pushing the pram up a very steep hill! If I manage to do anything on top of this its a bonus. I can’t imagine how you’d fit anything in wwith 4 kids though, so again thanks for letting us know that the diet alone works!

    • Hi Jane, The nutrition component is definitely the key. It’s amazing how a few little changes can make such a big difference!

  29. Natalie. Thank you for your honest appraisal of the MB12WBT. Somehow I became a fan of it on Facebook and I’ve been bombarded with information the past few months. Now that Xmas is over and my birthday is looming, I’m giving the program serious consideration. I’ve done WW before but always struggled with the exercise contingent. I like the idea of being told what exercise to do each day. My daughter starts school I a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to finally have time to focus on exercise. Hearing that you lost 15kgs is so inspirational. Ideally I need to lose 16-20kg but I’d be happy with 10. I’d be delirious if I lost 5 in 12 weeks! My partner lost 35kg with LitenEasy but we couldn’t afford to keep going. Diet really is the key. Loved reading everyone else’s comments. I’ll now go check out your ‘latest’ posts.
    Ps- found you while googling. Did you go to DPCON12 last year. You seem so familiar.

  30. Sally-Ann Young says:

    I signed up for the first round…thought I was in a pretty good head space to tackle it, but fell off the wagon as you say pretty quickly, lasted 2 weeks n found I couldn’t gt kids to eat the food, so wasn’t cooking two lots of meals. Also started the workouts and enjoyed them, mainly the home workouts and the outdoor , I’d walk to the playground and then modify her workout to do there while 2yo and 3yo played. However I did find it hard to stay on track, being a sole parent working two part time jobs, didn’t have time to really use the online forums and build support networks, it all fell by the wayside for me. Felt like a massive failure, I try and try again, have success in weight loss, going from 106kg down to 86kg with WW but putting it on again after children, so I am more accepting of the shape I’m in, but would still like to change it.
    So…with the 12WBT just finished I received my “Congratulations” …but what for??Printed off the e-book today so might just use that for reference again now rather than donate another couple of hundred dollars to her business!!

    • Defintely good thinking. Sometimes it takes a second look at everything before it all sinks in. Never feel like a failure! Even one step is still forward!

  31. So glad I read these reviews before I hit that “sign up” button. I just pencilled in how I would work in those amounts of exercise in a day with a hectic life of being a sleep deprived mother of 3, wife and nurse on shift work and cannot see I could maintain the expectation for 12 weeks! I already often cook separate meals for my husband as he is totally grain-free. I dislike the time spent in the kitchen enough without adding another meal plan too it. Seems easier to count calories on what I already cook and fit a couple of runs in where I can. Thanks.

    • Lol I know what you mean Josie. Sometimes meal plans work REALLY well, and sometimes they just work at all. I guess it’s where your head space is at the time. But getting out for walks or runs is such a great way to just breathe and get some time for yourself!

  32. Sharon Collier says:

    I can not unsubscribe as the link doesn’t work. NOT HAPPY

    • Hi Sharon, your email address is not listed in my subscribers database. Do you have another email address that you have subscribed with?

  33. I thank you for your response, my apologies it is not Your database (mummysmiles?) Ithought I was on Michelle Bridges 12wbt. I cannot unsubscribe from Michelle Bridges emails :( totally not happy every ime I try to unsubscribe from the email link it does NOTHING grrrrr

  34. Helena hayes says:

    Dear Nat

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I have just signed up for the program, and reviews like yours help me to understand the program a lot better. As a single mum on a small income, I was worried about spending the money, but feel a whole lot better knowing that it works. In my case, my weight is not causing health problems and I tend to fall off the bandwagon quickly when travelling alone, so it was the social support I was counting in.

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