My Thermomix Review – Your Questions Answered

Let me start by saying that I am not a Thermomix consultant, nor is this a sponsored post in any way.

I first heard about the Thermomix a couple of years ago, when a couple of friends started talking about theirs. At first it sounded quite bizarre – I couldn’t get my head around how one single machine could possibly chop, beat, mill, emulsify, mill, knead, blend, cook, stir, steam, weigh and melt. I figured that it was either going to be the size of an elephant, or it did a half-job of everything – you know, the jack of all trades, master of none.

Thermomix review


Then I learned the price – $1940, and thought NO WAY! What a rip-off!

Over the space of about 18 months, I read and read and read and read as much as I could about the Thermomix. I attended three TMX demonstrations. And then I read some more. I looked at some of the other appliances on the market which claim to do someĀ of the same things that the Thermomix does, and wondered whether I would be prepared to pay less money and settle for a machine that isn’t so fancy but still offers a lot of the qualities that the Thermomix does. Eventually I reached the point of deciding that the Thermomix was the machine for me. I scrimped and saved and paid off my machine over three monthly credit card installments, and in November last year, my Thermomix finally became part of our household.

So as I promised my readers, after 5 months of ownership, I wanted to give you my absolutely honest review of the Thermomix – warts and all – so that you can make an informed decision about whether this is the best machine for you and your family. I will also leave the comments open so that you can ask your own questions if they haven’t been covered and I will do my best to answer you. Please know that I am your average Mum of 4 children. I’m not a fabulous cook, nor do I particularly enjoy cooking for my family. But you know, they do kinda have to eat, so I can’t really escape that fact!

What do I love about the Thermomix?

Let’s start with my motivation as to why I bought one in the first place. Number 1 was that we have recently discovered that my son is sensitive to preservatives and additives in many processed foods. Having read about “numbers” in foods, we realised that we needed to know exactly what was in the foods we were eating. Cooking “from scratch” was the only way that we could do that. The Thermomix makes it very easy to cook from scratch, with very little extra effort.

Secondly, now that I have three children at school, our afternoons and evenings are incredibly busy. I was tired of walking in the door and being chained to to the kitchen preparing dinner and cleaning up. The Thermomix saves me SO much time. Either I can “set and forget” (like Risotto or Bolognese sauce) which means I can be doing other things while dinner is cooking, or foods are prepared so quickly (sometimes in a matter of seconds) that it only takes a moment of being in the kitchen and I am done.

Finally, the built in scales mean that I rarely used anything other than the Thermomix bowl to prepare the entire meal. Foods are weighed as they are added. There is very little left to clean up after preparing food which makes a busy Mum very happy.

What do I NOT love about the Thermomix?

My biggest gripe is that I find it hard to scrape out all of the sauce / mix / food out of the bowl because of the blades at the bottom of the bowl, and I hate wasting that little bit of food. I found that a silicone spatula tends to get a bit more out than the TMX spatula. I have also been told that by pulsing the machine on turbo speed a couple of times can help to get all the mixture out from around the blades. Some people unscrew the blades to scrape the bowl clean – but this seems like too much work for me!

Trying to scrape out ALL of the mix from around the blades.

Trying to scrape out ALL of the mix from around the blades.

Is it noisy?

It really depends what you are using it for. When chopping things like hard cheese or ice cubes, then yes it is noisy. But it is only for a very short time so it’s no different to the noise of a normal food processor. When cooking, the speed is set at such a low speed, that’s it’s more like a constant whir in the background. You might need to turn the TV up one notch, but that’s about it.

Will it change the way I shop for groceries?

In a word – yes. You will be buying more flours, grains, sugar, fruit and vegetables (and cream if you like to be a bit naughty!). Basically, the Thermomix means that you will be preparing meals from whole foods so you will find yourself avoiding all the “packet” aisles in the supermarket. Because many of these ingredients can be purchased and stored in bulk, you will usually find that your shopping costs less over time, and it’s really only the fresh produce that you will need to stock up on each week.

Are there enough recipes to use?

Absolutely. You will be given The Everyday Cookbook when you purchase the Thermomix which gives you so many recipes to start with. There is a huge selection in there, and many people would be happy to just cook from this book. However as you get more confident and creative, the Recipe Forum on the Thermomix website is always being updated with new recipes that have been contributed by consultants and TMX owners. If you have a particular dish in mind, you can simply Google it and add Thermomix, and there is a good chance that someone will have converted the recipe for the TMX.

So what have I made with it?

Lots!! Let’s see – dips, soup, salad, mashed potatoes, curry, casserole, custard, sorbets, smoothies, fried rice, sauces, grated cheese, icing sugar, biscuits, muffins, breadrolls, vegemite scrolls, beef stroganoff, risotto, porridge, devilled sausages, apricot chicken, slices, and more. They are all delicious and my kids now actually ENJOY eating their meals with lots of veges. There is very little that you can’t make in the TMX.

Kids favourite - mango sorbet - Yum! Ingredients: Mango and ice.

Kids favourite – mango sorbet – Yum! Ingredients: Mango and ice.

How often do I REALLY use it?

At least once a day. On the weekend I might use it 3-4 times, especially when baking.

Is it easy to use?

Yes. The recipes are very easy to follow. You basically have three steps to consider when setting the TMX – time, temperature and speed. This is always spelled out in every recipe so you don’t need to think too much about it.

Does it make enough for a large family?

I have 4 young children and it easily feeds our family of six. It is easy to pad out a meal with salad, rice, pasta or potato. As the children get older and eat more, I may invest in a second jug to make bigger meals, but at this stage there is plenty for all of us (and usually enough for seconds).

OK so… Is it worth the money?

Ahhh – the $2000 question! Look, the answer isn’t black and white. Is a kitchen appliance really worth almost two thousand dollars? Possibly not. BUT, is the Thermomix worth owning? I would have to say, if you can afford it, then yes. I know it’s a huge investment, and it’s not a decision to be made lightly. But if I were to consider how much time it saves me in preparing, cooking and cleaning, as well as how much healthier we are eating as a result of eliminating additives and preservatives from our diet, then the investment has certainly paid off for us. As far as the price goes, I kind of like the idea that every TMX purchased does actually allow someone (usually a Mum), to create a career that means they can work around their children. It also means that the service is more personal and help is often just a phone call away. Sometimes it is these little things that are worth paying a little extra for.

I hope this has been a little helpful for those of you who are making the decision about whether to buy a Thermomix. If you have a question that hasn’t been covered above, please do leave me a question in the comments section so I can try to answer. I’d love this to be a living resource for those who want some real life and impartial advice.


  1. That’s a very positive review. I think it suits some people and not others. For example, I don’t eat any carbohydrates and that really rules out a lot of cooking in the thermomix for me. My kids also don’t eat risotto for some insane reason. I do make the odd bolognese in there, but I honestly think that it turns out much nicer on the stove.

    My favourite things about it are how powerful it is, the ability to make really wonderful sauces and custards in it and how it cuts down prep time for me (I’ll usually chop up veggies in it or grate parmesan cheese in it).

    I think if you’re interested in doing all in one meals or cooking a lot of stews and meat sauces in the bowl it would be excellent for you as it really does let you have hands free cooking.

    • I dont eat many carbs (had gestational Diabetes with both pregnancies) and I couldnt have eaten as well as I did without Thermi!
      I just made things without rice (chicken cacciatore, beef stroganoff, curries, and things from meat on the menu)
      I agree.. its great for prep and desserts, but I find the main meals so easy and fast and we eat so well now!

      a great review – thank you for your honesty!

      I love my thermi!!

      • Thanks Aimee. I love that it is easily adaptable to most diets – mainly because it can prepare such a huge variety of meals. Great that it looked after you during pregnancy :)

    • I was wondering how you felt about yours now! The time saving feature is really the brilliant feature for me! Even if only 10 mins or so, it means I can usually get someone in and out of the bath or put away a load of washing. Love that!

    • Hi Kristy,
      Having lost 20kg on the Dukan diet 12months ago, i too had this concern. I just bought an Alyce Alexandra low carb Thermomix cookbook online which is great! You may want to look into that.

      • Sounds like a great cookbook Nicole. Hopefully there will be a bigger range of cookbooks in the next couple of years.

  2. Kim Lawrence says:

    I’ve been so looking forward to your review Thanks Nat!! I’ve been coveting the Thermomix for months now, being a Tupperware demonstrator it’s seems the two products work well together so I’ve seen quite a few ladies that LOVE their TMX. it’s only the price holding me back but your points about supporting another SAHM, the very personal service including a demonstration in your home & your very own personal training session make it a little less daunting. Have you tried the gluten free bread? It is to die for & has the same consistency as fresh white bread Yummy!!!

    • The TMX and Tupperware is a marriage made in heaven! Especially for storing all the flours etc in bulk! I’ll have to try the gluten free bread – sounds fab!

  3. How easy is it to clean? If you use it multiple times on the weekend, does it slow down your baking/ cooking given that you are using the same bowl for each batch/ recipe?

    • I’ve been told by a friend who owns one and swears by it, that it washes and dries itself. One drip of detergent after rinsing, switch it on and it’s clean. Drop a tea towel inside, put it on reverse and voila… clean and dry!

    • Thanks for your question. I try to cook in order of how easy it is to clean out. So sauces etc might get done first and just get rinsed out, then baking, and then finish with meats and more messy recipes. I don’t always pull it completely apart to clean in the middle of cooking – sometimes a quick scrub with a brush under the tap is sufficient for between recipes :)

  4. Thanks for your review. I got a cheaper alternative, the Bellini and Iove it! It’s so much easier to make things from scratch and only put real food in. I also find it much safer to cook with little kids. Bella (as she’s known in our house) is harder for them to reach, they can’t tip anything out and when I get called away during dinner, she turns off at the end of that cooking time and patiently waits. So burning into nothing on the stove or in a hot oven.
    I know TMX are awesome, but personally I just can’t justify that much money.

    • I think it’s great that there are a few other appliances on the market which offer similar features. Definitely handy for those who don’t want to spend quite that much money. Thanks Lee :)

      • Has anyone heard anything about the Hotmix pro? Have read somewhere that it has a bigger motor and has higher temps

        • Hi Stewart – I’m afraid I haven’t heard anything about it. Hopefully someone here might have and can help you out.

        • this must be a “bigger, better”man angled question, because my husband has just been telling me the same thing!! The hot mix pro does have both of those things Stuart – but is around $500 MORE expensive than the thermomix..

  5. My husband showed me one of these about 8 years ago, we were DINKs , but stupid me said there was no way I was spending that much money on a kitchen appliance, there were shoes and clothes to buy and partying to do on the weekends! We were both earning fantastic money and could of easily bought it without it even making a difference on payday! But then fast forward 4 years later, we had a nearly 3 year old, a 17 month old and a newborn! We were invited to a demo and I could of slapped myself for not buying it years before!
    I have had mine for nearly 4 years and I still use it today as much as when I first bought it, if not more actually!
    I think there are 2 different types of thermomix users, the first wanting it for the quick meals, for that help while witching hour is going on or people that work full time and get home later in the evening and need to get a quick meal on the table! They dont want it to make things they can simply buy at the shops like bread or dips! Then there are the users that want it for the cooking from scratch, trying to stay away from jar or processed foods! They want to make there own ice creams, dips, bread, sauces and flours etc! These are the ones that will use their thermomix 5 or more times a day (me ;p )
    If I could turn back time I would of bought it the first time my husband wanted to, it truly has been the single best thing I have bought in my life! If it broke tomorrow I would buy one the next day! I have got my money back 10 times over! The amount of money I save from making everything in my thermomix is crazy, my grocery bill is less than half of what I use to spend! There is no more spending crazy amount on breads when it is just so simple to make my own!
    I take mine camping every school holidays (actually there was another woman at tallabudgera caravan park this school holidays that I met had hers there too) it comes with me when I go on holidays interstate to visit in laws and my Italian mother in law gets me to make a huge lot of pizza dough and she freezes it!
    So yeah there is no way I could live without one now!

    • Thanks Kylie, that’s awesome. ‘Witching Hour’ ha ha ha, yep, I can relate to that, ha ha ha :-)

    • Kylie can you imagine if they started putting these in Caravan Parks? How cool would that be! I definitely wish we had bought ours before babies – would have made things so much easier for those early food days!

  6. Hey Nat, thankyou very much for that awesome review, well done. Seemed like only yesterday you were talking about it, has it been 2yrs already?? Gosh time goes past quickly. As you know I have 5 kids so I totally understand about preparing meals in a hurry, especially when they’re shouting ‘I’m hungry, when’s it ready?’ lol. I researched a little about it when you mentioned it back then but when I saw the price I soon forgot about it, lol.
    You guys are all mentioning cooking, does it actually cook the bolognaise sauce in it? Does it brown the meat first and then you add the rest or do you just throw it all in at once? I remember reading how the TMX demonstrators can come to your home and demonstrate the product, sort of like a party plan. I thought I may try that one day (any excuse for friends and a wine, he he) but for now, I’ll have to stick with the pots, pans n wooden spoon :-(
    About 10yrs ago I purchased the AirCore pots (saw a tele promo at 4am whilst attending to baby) which cooked food on the stove and once the thermo hit red, you turned the stove off and it kept ‘so called’ cooking. These pots saved me heaps of time and the meal was ready to eat after I picked the kids up from school. I cooked sauces, rice/chicken, lasagna and heaps of stuff but I had to still brown the meat and drain the fat (I was a freak about that, lol) It gave me less stress though and more time for kids and homework (with a baby too). So this TMX sounds like it does everything but drive a car, lol. Will definitely think about getting one in the distant future, perhaps when the price comes waaaay down. Can you please explain briefly the process of preparing a dish? for example, pumpkin soup or bread. I’m still not quite getting it, duh!!! Thanks Nat :-)
    ps: sorry I haven’t commented on any post for awhile, I’m just so busy, but I read them when I can :-)

    • Yes Jules it does cook the meat you throw it all in and then it cooks everything together. If you are like i used to be and fanatic about pouring the extra oil off the supermarket mince you may want to brown it in the pan first. But since i got my thermie I no longer use supermarket minces meat and now mince our own chuck or rump steak when we need it. At first it took us a while to get used to the finer texture but now I could never go back to supermarket meat, it tastes so watery and rubbery to us now. It cooks in a similar way to a slow cooker or a pot on the stove and produces enough steam for when you want to steam as well. Hope it all helps

      • Yum – the taste is definitely so much nicer when meat is prepared fresh (free of preservatives and colours too!). Thanks Mette :)

      • Thankyou Mette, yes that sure does help, it minces too? wow! Sounds genius, I want one today!!! he he he

    • I would also love to hear a bit more of a step by step to cooking a meal. For example, if you want to cook two things – say rice AND curry – or mashed potato and meat… Do you have to cook one and THEN the other… which would then take longer?

      • Hi Linda – some of the other longer term users might have some better answers, however for me I still use my rice cooker or cook pasta separately. However there are many meals that can be cooked all at the same time – this recipe from Jo at Quirky Cooking gives you an idea of how to cook “in layers”.
        It also helps to buy an insulated pot/dish which can keep dishes warm if you need to set them aside for a short while (eg the potatoes prior to mashing). Hope that helps!

    • Hi Jules! Great to hear from you! It is amazing (and slightly confusing) that it does cook as well! So for a pumpkin soup, you would saute onion and butter, add the pumpkin (in chunks) and chop, add stock and other ingredients, cook, then add cream and blend. Very simple! The bread is a matter of adding the flour and yeast etc, stirring, and then baking in the oven.
      The Air Core pots sound very cool!

      • Thankyou Natalie, wow, everyone here is so excited about the TMX I hope I can share that excitement one day :-) I will have to stick with my AirCore pots for now me thinks, lol. I was telling hubby all about your TMX blog posts yesterday and he was starting to sweat so I stopped talking about it, ha ha ha.

  7. Jules yeah you put the meat in first and cook it off abit and then add the rest! It’s all don’e on a timer so when it’s finished simmering it has a little songy thing it does!
    I think, but double check thermomix are doing the interest free payment thing! I’m not sure when it ends or if it already has, but it’s worth a look if you are thinking of getting one! I remembering reading it on a thermomix fb page! That’s another thing, there are so many thermomix blogs and fb pages! One of my faves is Quirky Cooking! Love it!
    I have 4 kids, my husband and I and there is enough for my husband work lunch!

    • Thanks Kylie. Interest Free is a great option for those who wish to pay it off in instalments (there is an admin fee though so it does end up costing a little bit more). And aren’t the FB pages great – really helpful and a lovely community!

    • It sounds great Kylie, thankyou :-) I’m glad there are products out there that help busy people enjoy their families more. I will definitely look into it one day. Sounds like the perfect investment ;-)

  8. Great review, glad to hear your Thermomix is making life easier for you! It sure has for me – 8 1/2 years down the track and I use it more and more all the time… Wouldn’t be without it! (And we have 4 kids too – it’s perfect for us!)

    Jo @ Quirky Cooking :)

  9. What I love our ours? We both use it at least once a day. And our girls can also use it with just a little bit of assistance. Great machine. It has changed the way we eat for the better. So happy we made the choice to buy one.

    • I love hearing that the kids are using it as well. Such a nice way to get them involved in preparing meals. Thanks Leesa!

  10. Stephanie says:

    I love ours. Just getting used to it. However, we have made a lot in it – and we love the “scratch” baking – and it cuts the prep time in half and makes us cook more from scratch as it takes so little time… healthier for our children, and better for the hip pocket. I look forward to using it more and more – although, two things Im not there on yet – whether I need a second bowl and more intriguingly whether I need to take it away!
    Would you find yourself taking it away? Will travel around Australia with you Nat? :-)

    • Hey Stephanie! We will absolutely take it around Australia with us. It’s such a compact way of cooking which is perfect for a caravan. It will just mean that we will have to have our basics (flour, sugar etc) on hand. I actually don’t think we will use much else when we are away!

  11. My biggest gripe is washing the bowl on a weekend as i am using it 3-5 times a day and i get sick of washing it up all the time LOL – I need a second bowl i think

    I agree with not being able to scrape it all out but use a silicone straight spatula that works much better, still fiddly but better. I dont like these aspects of it but i deal with it as the overall benefits of the TMX still amaze me

    • I admit I sometimes get a bit lazy if I am doing a big cook. I usually give it a brush out with hot water and a squirt of detergent and rinse. I leave any meaty dishes till then end, and then take it apart after that to give it a proper clean out. A second bowl would certainly make things a bit easier :)

  12. We’ve only had ours for a couple of months & wish we had bought it years ago. To me the price wasn’t the deterrent, I also couldn’t believe one machine could do everything! I sold all the other appliances I had and made over $600, so that helped & I also have a lot more space in my cupboards & pantry.

    • Clever idea Luciana and a great way to get some $$$ to put towards it. I wish I’d had mine to prepare my baby purees – that would have been AWESOME!

  13. First let me say that I think the Thermomix is a fantastic machine – however, it really just is not for me. I have friends and family who own Thermomix’s and use them all the time – the thing is, they don’t make anything I don’t already make myself. I cook most of my meals from scratch also and there are no packets in my pantry. I enjoy cooking, I love to stand at the stove and have the waft of onions and garlic frying hit me in the face. There is nothing I could do with a thermomix that I don’t already do other than the milling and I really am not going to spend that much money just so I can mill my own flour and sugar.

    In short, I think if you are time poor or don’t really enjoy cooking then the thermomix is great for you, it really is an awesome machine, I also have friend swho love to cook but also love their thermomix – I’m not sold on it for me though.

    • Totally agree Emma! If you love the idea of traditional cooking – the chopping, and the slow stirring on the stovetop etc, then it’s probably not going to be a great investment – no matter how fancy pants it is! I love that it gets me OUT of the kitchen lol!

    • I love to cook, I love to bake, it’s actually my favourite thing to do, but unfortunately it comes second to my kids, as much as I would love to be able to spend lots of time in the kitchen, standing at the stove while cooking, but I have 4 kids under 6 so there are things I need to be doing!

      • Hi Kylie, I certainly didn’t mean to imply I spend hours in the kitchen everyday, I have many “packet free” family friendly meals I can whip up in less than half an hour and that is what I do on the majority of nights. I have four children also but slightly older than yours. My youngest started kindy this year which means the three days he is at school I normally put in a bit more time in the kitchen.

        As I said, I have nothing against them, just not for me.

        Who knows, maybe I subconsciously know my hubby would never agree to the cost of a thernomix and I am secretly jealous and trying to convince myself I don’t need one haha.

    • I was with you – I really adore cooking and have even won a number of competitions so I really didn’t think it was for me. But I bought one and I am in love with it, the variety of dishes I can make daily is astounding as it is just so quick and there are so many “chefy” things that you couldn’t do without one (ie a 60 degree 60 minute egg) it just awesome. If all the top chefs around the world use them there must be something to it.

  14. Great review warts and all.
    You get the itty bits out by putting it in reverse and go up to speed 10 and down and it all spins out to the side to be scraped out.

  15. Natalie Bear says:

    I feel like you just tapped into my brain and wrote the exact same review I would write! Great job and totally honest, love it! I am also a mother of 4 (aged from 15yrs to 4yrs) and have had my Thermomix for 5 years. I honestly use it every single day, it has just become such a huge part of my everyday life. I also want to add I am a consultant for a company that sells pots and pans and other kitchen products (we have great silicone spatulas!wink wink!LOL!). I quite often refer to my Thermomix with my customers and have probably on-referred many customers who ultimately purchased their own or become consultants themselves..I love it that much. Thank you so much, lots of people have issues with the bowl only being 2L, but once they start using their Varoma or let go of the fact you can just use it to make the side dish, and sauce and dessert….you can see it can help make large volumes of food very economically and very fast!

    • I absolutely agree that the Varoma opens up a HUGE number of possibilities as far as adding to the meal. At the moment I really only use it for steamed veges and potatoes, so that’s something I’d really like to focus on a bit more.

  16. Great and balanced review, Natalie. I’ve had mine for about 18 months and I love it. I use it every day. I’m a consultant now, such was my love for the Thermomix.
    Depending on the sauce left in your bowl, you can use it as a base of the next thing you’re making. (eg chocolate sauce mixed with milk will make you the mother of the year; savoury sauce could add a nice flavour to a salad or dip). If that’s not possible, yes – there will always be that little bit wasted. Think of the time and money that you’ve saved as you wash it away.

    • I would love to master the art of layering my recipes Kathy! Love the idea of chocolate milkshakes…. YUM!

  17. Georgina says:

    Love my therm!, I got mine just over a year ago and use it just about every day. We take it camping with us in our caravan and love that I can just set and forget. We have 3 children, 13,11 & 9, and it feeds a family if 5 no problems. I did take advantage of a promotion where if you held a party you could get an extra jug and all accessories for $100, best thing I did, now I can have 2 on the go and throw them both in the dishwasher. Love it!

    • I am keeping an eye out for that promotion Georgina! I like the idea of being able to do a main meal with one jug and a dessert with another.

      • The second bowl/blade/lid set is the promotion for April! $195 (RRP $395) or $125 if there is a sale at your Demo :)

  18. Thermo Bel says:

    I am a consultant and I totally agree with your review. I wanted to say thank you for pointing out that we are working around our family and other commitments to offer free demonstrations to our customers (who don’t always buy), yes to make money to pay the bills, but also to help others make some positive changes to the way they eat.
    It is a very rewarding position to be in.
    Enjoy your Thermie :)

    • Thanks Bel. I have found the consultants to be so helpful and passionate. Great to hear how much you love it!

  19. I’m so keen, and sold, but I’m wondering how it goes cooking for 6 adults (i.e. after my 4 kids have grown up!). I like to cook double batches too to save me cooking another night. So my main concern is about capacity.

    • Hi Katy. So far I haven’t found any issues with capacity, and very often we have leftovers. As far as sauces etc go, you could easily cook a double batch for most meals, and then just prepare the rice/pasta each night. I would still like to get a second jug eventually though so that I can cook HUGE meals if I ever need to :)

    • Katy, Have you been to a cooking class? At a class you would see the huge quantity that can be produced when using the Varoma. There is some great meal ideas for creating large quantities and you can then easy bulk them up further by adding a tin of tuna/chic peas or grilled meats and serving on baby spinach. The tomato pasta with vegetables and feta out our class on Tuesday night was a real crowd pleaser.

      In regards to making large batches that is where the ThermoServer comes in really handy as you can make one batch and then keep it warm in the server while you cook the second batch. Keeping in mind you are generally able to cook something in a shorter time frame and while the cooking is happening your hands are free to do other things (not stirring).

  20. I’ve had mine for a 5 months and if I don’t use it daily I get withdrawal symptoms :). They had the second bowl offer last month and I took advantage of that along with a second thermoserver so I think I am set. Regarding the layered cooking I do it most nights. Last night I made a sausage casserole with dumplings (thanks quirky Jo) so you saute your onions and garlic then add the rest of the veggies and stock (got to love the stock) put the sausages in the varoma and let the casserole cook while it steams the sausages. When that’s done cut up the snags put in a casserole dish pour sauce over and stick in the oven. Then whip up the dumplings in the thermie and put on top of casserole and finish off in the oven. Delicious.
    Then I made chocolate custard and like you my biggest peeve is getting the last bit out of the jug and I didn’t want to waste any of that custard so I poured more mill into the bowl and whizzed it up and made chocolate milkshake :)
    I am always steaming say chicken in the varoma tray with veggies below and mashed spuds in the basket. Just put it together set and forget for 25 minutes and dinner is done.
    I took it camping last weekend and it will be coming every time from now on its just so easy and versatile.

  21. Julie Kent says:

    Hi I have had my TMX for about 5 years now saw it at an Agricultural show demonstrated and couldn’t get it out of my mind, at the time was thinking about getting a rice cooker and a new mix master so priced up all the goods I wanted to buy and soon realised that the Thermo was the way to go, one implement instead of heaps of others to store away. I use it every single day for one thing or other.
    I think people have to realise that some things are going to be better done the traditional way, but it has expanded my thinking about cooking and the ability to use all fresh herbs and foods easily is such a bonus and cheaper option. Where I used to buy jars of minced garlic now I only use fresh and now packet flavourings are a thing of the past. It is the best rice cooker making perfect rice every time. I was never very confident with pastry’s but now don’t think twice about it. Since having mine about 8 other friends have purchased one as well, would be lost without it now. The only thing I have had to replace on it in 5 years is the seal, it had a small nick in it, but it has never missed a beat and cooked a mountain of food LOOOOVE my Thermo

    • Natalie says:

      It really is wonderful to be able to prepare so much fresh food so easily! I’ll have to try out the rice now!

  22. Mikayla says:

    I have just order my Thermomix on the 12 months Interest Free promotion. I had been debating for months if I should get one, and I finally bite the bullet and ordered one! My partner and I both work from 7:30am – 5:30pm each day, and then have to travel half an hour to get home, by the time I get home I dont feel like slaving away in the kitchen to cook a healthy and filling meal. I am hoping the Thermomix will give me more motivation in the kitchen, cook healthier meals, and save some times and dishes!!!

    • Natalie says:

      This is a fantastic reason to invest in one Mikayla – you will be amazed at how much time it saves you, and your “convenience” meals will still be healthy and yummy. Enjoy!

  23. Felicity says:

    I am currently in the read read read phase. I went to a demonstartion a few weeks back but wasn’t 100% convinced. I think mainly because I had never seen one before and hadn’t had a chance to think of all the questions that I might have. I am also worried that I will do the big investment into one then it won’t get used (best of intentions and all). So I am reading reading reading and thinking I might book my own demo so I can ask those questions. Thank-you for such an open review and to everyone that has posted a comment below. It made for a great read.

    • Enjoy your reading Felicity – it’s great to get lots of different perspectives as I agree it is a huge investment!

  24. I was the first Gastro user in NA and the go-to for Eurodib, the master distributor for NA, to send all their questions from potential interested parties.

    15 months later with 5 defunct units 1 of which sat in my garage for 8 months before being picked up for return and has been 6 weeks in their possession with no idea of whether I’ll see it again or in what condition, I’m left with a much different opinion on the viability of HMP Gastro here in North America.

    Definitely a buyer beware thing.

  25. Terry Dugdale says:

    Just went to a demo yesterday wow what machine now after reading all these comments and your review i am going to pick up the phone ring the lady and buy one thanks everyone

    • Natalie says:

      Congratulations Terry! I have just finished making a banana bread in mine for morning tea – you will love it :)

      • Terry Dugdale says:

        Mine is now ordered can’t wait to start using it and making some of the delicious recipes hope you enjoyed your banana bread for morning tea i enjoyed it just thinking about it

  26. Terry Dugdale says:

    At long last got our thermomix tried it out making the goulash stuffed up at first forgot to put the temp on but got it right eventually and it came out beautiful

  27. i just read your review again and like you i have been to two demos about to have one of my own and finally make the purchase!! Thanks for your review as my reservations were much like yours!!

  28. Great review, but the one selling point that puts Thermomix head and shoulders above ANY appliance is its motor. A thermomix will last longer and work harder than most because of the reluctance motor that is not going to have any where near the problems or breakdown rate of nearly all other appliances that come anywhere close to imitating it. Sure, your other machines may come close to imitating the functions of a Thermomix but they will all burn out and break down long before a Thermomix, because its motor is designed to work efficiently and consistently for a lifetime.

  29. I’ve been lucky enough for my mother in law to lend me her tmx for a week to try it out because I’m a person who buys appliances n not use them I have a kenwood cake
    Mixer that I rarely use I’ve made bread with it a few times which takes a coupe of hours with the sitting n the rising process lol but I have seen 2 tmx demos n the more I see the more I like I am just worried that I won’t use it enough but with baby number two on the way a few people who own a tmx have said I would use it especially with having two young kids hanging off me so I’m deffinately hoping that borrowing one for a bit might help with my decision :) my hubby is adamant that I want use it n that it’s a lot of money for an ornament hopefully I can prove him wrong!!

    • I think that is a fantastic idea! I think if I had borrowed one for a few weeks, I would have been a lot more certain about my decision. You will love it – make sure you try lots of recipes so you can really see just how much it does!

  30. Hi. Thank you for the great review. After first seeing a TM demo two years ago (I was very impressed, but not too sure whether I was going to use it enough to justify the high price) and then seeing it again at a demo my sister recently had, I finally purchased one (and so did she!). It was delivered 3 days ago. Although my lovely consultant offered to give me a separate demo on delivery, I decided I would tag onto my sister’s delivery demo which sounded fine in theory, but I must admit I was completely overwhelmed once I got home, unpacked my TM and had it sitting on my kitchen bench … eeeek! So I decided the only thing to do was to “bite the bullet” and start cook straight away! Wow – it looked scary, but it is so easy to use! In the last three days I have made: day 1 – the vegetable stock concentrate, mushroom risotto; day 2 – Leek & pototo soup, coleslaw and fruit sorbet (will put in the optional egg white next time as it was more of a granita than sorbet, but still very yummy) and day 3 (today) – the caramlised balsamic reduction (for a salad) and banana bread! I have all the ingredients ready for tomorrow’s cooking in the TM – Asian style fish in the Veroma (bit nervous about using the Veroma for the first time but I’m diving in!). I work full-time and have a very active (gorgous) 2 year old so the time saved in preparation and cooking hands-free has been amazing! So far so good! I’m also loving the healthy aspect of cooking in the TM – especially for my little girl! I am still a bit worried about whether I will get the same intensity of flavour (mainly slow cooked meats, etc) but am looking forward to learning (and eventually tweaking) more advanced recipies when I feel more confident. After I purchased my Thermomix (and before it was delivered) I did stress a bit about whether after spending almost $2,000 it was going to live up to my high expectations at the demo, so I kept reminding myself to be realistic about its limitations, but reading all of your comments and my absolute delight with it over the last 3 days, I think I am going to be very pleasantly surprised and can definitely see myself cooking a much wider variety of food than I exepcted to. It was especially good to read the comments of those of you who have had your TM for years and are still using it every day and adapting recipies to suit your needs! P.S. I should also mention that my very sceptical husband has been very happy to see me re-motivated in the kitchen (instead of tired) .. and the left-over risotto and left-over soup he got to take for work lunches, instead of his usual sandwiches, has certainly helped ease his pain at the high cost! lol. Although I am such a novice, I am so happy with my purchase (and so is my sister)!

    • Hi Laura – that is so exciting!!! Congratulations on your purchase. I think everyone feels the same when we first buy. The fact that it is quite an investment does make us a feel a little bit nervous about whether it really is good value for money. Good on you for just biting the bullet and getting stuck into it – that really is the best way to learn, and to see just how easy it all is. The Varoma is fine – I think it just looks scary, and it feels so clever to be able to cook so many things at once! Thanks for sharing your experience – happy cooking!

      • Thanks Natalie. You’re right, the Varoma is so easy to use. Another successful cooking experience … loving my Thermomix!

  31. Hello,

    Thank you so much for your review! I am not sure if you mind me asking this on here. Please delete my comment if it’s a problem. I was thinking of buying a second hand thermomix TM31 that is 5 years old. Well used but well looked after. It is $800 and comes with all parts and a 2.2L thermoserver. It has no problems with it. Is this a reasonable purchase?

    Thanks! Jane

    • Hi Jane, Thanks for your question. I might actually post this on my FB page tomorrow if that is OK? I know you might get a few more answers there. My personal thought is…. Warranties are not transferable so there would be no cover for you if anything went wrong, so you would need to be REALLY confident in what you were buying. Personally I would prefer to buy new with warranty but I realise that the price may be a bit of a stretch if budget is an issue. I will pop up the link to your question on FB or feel to drop over and read the responses :)

      • Thank you so much, Natalie! I will definitely look for responses on your FB page :) Have a great evening!

        • Thanks for posting it Natalie. It looks like I am just going to have to start saving up for one! I can’t wait :). Love your fb group, by the way. I hope it continues to pop up regularly in my news feed.

          • Hey Jane, I just heard there are some new finance options coming up this year. Maybe a new one won’t be so far away after all!

  32. Pippa Buxton (@littleeconest) says:

    Wow; so much to think about from reading all of these comments. Certainly some really helpful advice if we ever did take the leap and become Thermomix owners. I have released my own TM review after trialling it for a few weeks and I would love to share that with you in case it helps anyone:

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