Week 5 12WBT: Wake Up Muscles – It’s Time To Party!

I make no secret of the fact that I am doing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT to lose weight. I figure that with the awesome foursome I get “enough” exercise by running around after them all – certainly with my little Miss who has suddenly decided to either take the bolt from me at any given time or who likes to climb anything of significant height.

But I have no doubt that I could be fitter, stronger and healthier – which is why last week I talked about finding the warrior within. And I totally found her – Warrior Woman! On Sunday I strapped on my shoes, attached my Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and invited the Little Mister to ride his bike with me while I ran. By using the iRunner App on my iPhone, I could measure out the exact distance of our little adventure. Fred set out at the perfect pace for me – chatting happily away as I ran. I LOVED it. I felt like we were on some kind of Famous Five Adventure!

The benefit of the HRM is that it sets the optimal heart rate for you. Without knowing what my heart rate should be, I tend to push myself too hard and then burn out quickly. By working at the “right” heart rate, it’s possible to sustain the exercise for longer – which of course is key for burning calories and increasing fitness.

I ran 3km. Seriously!! And I loved every moment. Of course it was ridiculously hard and of course I couldn’t wait to get to the end, but when it was DONE – WOW. Hello Warrior!! I’m totally not a convert to running, but I do get it – if that rush is anything to go by…. imagine how I would feel after 5km, 10km…. 42km????


So with my new passion ignited, I was looking forward to the group Personal Training session on Tuesday! What I love about these sessions is that they are different every week – no boredom!! And I think Lucy looks forward to her little picnic every week!

And then it begins. Thanks to our fabulous trainer, Karen, who snapped some pics as we were sweating it out!! Maddy loves skipping at school – I personally have no idea what she sees in it. It’s hard – but I do feel a bit like a boxer – sting like a bee or something???

No training session is complete without some core strengthening exercises! Here is the fabulous Annie in action!

By this stage, Lucy has finished her morning tea and thinks the whole thing is quite amusing.

So she decides to stand over me – and makes me work it out. She’ll make a great PT one day!

Our sessions are run on a circuit so as one person completes one activity (go Jean!)…

Lucy walks off in disgust and wonders why her Mama is running away from her!

I love training with friends – there’s no molly-coddling!! It was about this time that I was starting to bite the dust – literally. And what do I hear? “Suck it up and keep going!” “Get up – you can do it! You’re still breathing so you’re still alive!”. Ahhh – such love! But seriously – they keep my warrior on top!

And this? This is when it is all worth it! When the legs are like jelly, the heart rate has been pounding, the arms can barely lift the baby – and it’s OVER. Massive endorphin rush!

Granted, when I get home, I am utterly exhausted. Everything aches – but it’s such a great ache! It’s like awakening all the muscles that have been lying dormant for far too long. I can feel my body get stronger, I feel healthier.

With a 900g weight loss this week (6.9kg total), I take another little step closer to my goal. And each week I gain just a little more confidence that I might actually get there. As each muscle aches, I know that this is within my grasp. I can do this. And it’s feeling great!


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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – GO NAT! You are so inspiring!

    • Thanks Kel – I still feel like there is so much further to go, but I am enjoying the process (which is a surprise!!)

  2. Nat, you are doing an amazing job! I love that we complete every Tuesday and come back for more the following week!!

    • We do come back don’t we Annie – and every Monday night I wonder why???? lol Thank you for being awesome :)

  3. Jean Sandall says:

    LOL definitely no molly-coddling with us!!!! You should be super proud Nat your doing a fantastic job and it helps to have one of the most well behaved little girls Miss Lucy!!

  4. Great photos Nat, and how brilliant re your run!!

    So is the HRM worth getting? I didn;t realise it could do that… I’d not got one because I’m not watching calories but it would be great to know if I’m working at a good sustainable level…


    • Yes Kate it is fabulous!! Of course it’s handy for the calories, but I have found it excellent in understanding my heart rate and working at the best rate for fitness and weight loss. I’m not sure I know myself well enough to train without it now!

  5. Trina Clayton says:

    Well you may actually get me exercising with that bit of inspiration. I’ve been using the kids excuse as well! But did you have to have the Chocolate coconut slice recipe come up as something else I might like to read. Not helpful ;P

    • Lol Trina that is so funny!!! Those recommended reads are chosen at random – so it’s hilarious that it linked up with that! Good luck with your exercising – you CAN DO IT!

  6. congrats they are fabulous results. Keep up the good work. It always feels so worth it after its done.

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