Woolworths Aussie Animals Collector Cards – $100 Giveaway

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I am sure by now you will have heard about the new initiative from Woolworths, and the launch of the Aussie Animals collector cards, which hit Woolworths supermarkets last week. In conjunction with the Taronga Conservation Society, Woolworths is now offering over 108 Aussie Animals collector cards for kids to collect, featuring all sorts of creatures great and small, including endangered leatherback turtles, saltwater crocs and cuddly koalas.

Woolworths Aussie Animal Collector Cards

Woolworths Aussie Animal Collector Cards

I remember collecting cards as a child, and I LOVED it! So I knew, long before my children knew, that we were going to have fun collecting the Aussie Animal cards, and building up our album. (Albums are available for purchase for just $5.)

Activity and Collector's Album

Activity and Collector’s Album

Now the beauty is that you really don’t have to do anything special to start collecting the cards – there are no particular products to buy, and the cards are FREE (you get a pack of 4 cards for every $20 you spend). So no matter whether you collect LOTS in your regular weekly shop, or you just buy bits and pieces here and there, the cards are easily collected over time. Lucy had her own shopping list (complete with takeaway hot chocolate of course!)

Woolworths Collector Cards

When Lucy saw the collection of Aussie soft toys, she fell a little bit in love with the koala… and the turtle… and the emu.

The Aussie Animals Soft Toy Collection

The Aussie Animals Soft Toy Collection

But it was the Koala who stole her heart, and she convinced me that he needed to come home with us because he would be lonely if we left him there (oh she’s good!).

The Koala has now been adopted by Lucy.

The Koala has now been adopted by Lucy.

The cards that you get are a surprise, so the fun part was opening them up to see what we had collected.

Woolworths Collector Cards

Each pack contains four collector cards.

Woolworths Collector Cards

The album is SUPER easy to use – you just slip the card into the corresponding numbered plastic pocket. There is lots of information about the animals on each card, and the album also has extra fun facts, games, puzzles and illustrations.

The album features plastic sleeves to protect the cards.

The album features plastic sleeves to protect the cards.

For more interactive games, children can jump onto the Aussie Animals Fun website (with Mum or Dad’s OK) to access games, craft ideas, colouring in sheets, fun facts and more.

I am on a mission to make sure our album is completed, so if you are a tad obsessive like me, then you’ll be pleased to know that Woolworths have a number of ways that you can trade your cards so that you can collect every single one of the Aussie Animals cards in the collection.

Once you’ve collected all 108 cards, you can then present the completed album at Sydney Taronga Zoo or Taronga Western Plain Zoo and you’ll be given one free pass to the park! (View Terms and Conditions.)

Woolworths Aussie Animals

It’s so lovely to see the kids take so much interest in learning more about these beautiful (and sometimes a little scary!) Australian animals, and I am certain that we will be packing this album into the caravan for our own Australian adventure next year. How cool would it be for them to actually be able to identify the animals in their natural habitat after reading about them in the album?!

I would love to help you get your collection started by offering all Mummy Smiles readers the chance to win a $100 Gift Card from Woolworths. To enter, simply follow the Rafflecopter details below, including leaving a comment telling me your child’s favourite Australian animal and why? All entries must be received by 11.59pm AEST 15th October 2013. Australian residents only.

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  1. My daughter loves Kangaroos – she ‘bounces’ each time she sees them!

  2. Loves the birds! Whistles to them thinking they are having their own conversation!

  3. Renee Ballantyne says:

    Kangaroo, he just loves Skippy!!

  4. Pussy cats – because they’re fluffy.

  5. Barbara Fehmel says:

    I love all these amazingly real pictures of animals, I will be collecting them for my twin Great Granddaughters who love animals.

  6. Western Bearded Dragon was a much loved pet for many years

  7. Michelle Gray says:

    My daughter loves koalas, the love started after her Nanna gave her a stuff koala and she has become obsessed with it.

  8. The Kangaroo and the jumping factor, kids love to jump and there are so many spin-off games that we have played through dear old kanga!

  9. Crystal McFarlane says:

    A kangaroo because they always have a bouncy good time

  10. Natalie Stoute says:

    The whale shark from Ningaloo. Why? I have absolutely no idea. My boys are funny like that….

  11. Thai Berrenson says:

    my daughter loves penguins because they walk funny and she loves the movie happy feet.

  12. Lyndel Rowe says:

    the koala, they are so cuddly and have gorgeous ears

  13. Blue tongue lizards. We have one in the garden who comes out to gobble pieces of fruit we leave out. The kids love that critter!

  14. Tanya Clarke says:

    My son is still only very young but I think he likes the kangaroo. He has some books on them and really enjoys the pictures.

  15. The big eyes and long legs make the emu a favourite

  16. JodieAnne Harlow says:

    Eastern Water Dragon – she’s fascinated with them. Her mother, not so much!

  17. Marlene Tham says:

    Elephants as my daughter loves spraying water on people and pretending she has a trunk. Great when you want your car washed.

  18. My sons favourite Aussie animal is the platypus because in his words “they are teeny tiny and just so cute” lol

  19. Judith Senese says:

    The Wedge Tail Eagle. They fly high and have awesome eye sight.

  20. She loves the platypus. She says they look like a duck.

  21. Lynette V says:

    The Blue tongue Lizard is my son’s favorite Aussie animal as we have one who lives in our garden and he loves watching him poke out his amazing tongue.

  22. love elephants, my son used to call them oontapoonts

  23. Tess Howard says:

    We live in Tassie so are really partial to the Tassie Devil. They realise how fragile their existence really is now.

  24. Kangaroo – because my kids like to hop just like kangaroos!

  25. Kerrie Moss says:

    Koalas… “Because they make funny sounds like Grandpa.” …. Yep.

  26. The Australian Sea Lion because it can swim so well, just like me.

  27. Emu! Fun word to say, funny looking birds!

  28. Deb Cameron says:

    Tasmanian Devil, because their ears glow red when the sun is behind them.

  29. Mara Book says:

    The Tassie Devil

  30. Kelly Ryan says:

    Miss 9 loves kangaroos, especially ones that will eat from her hand.

  31. Rainbow Lorikeets. We hand feed them daily on our veranda and it is still a buzz for the kids like it was the first time they fed them.

  32. Jennifer B. says:

    Australian born, Australian raised… my boy won’t look past OUR DOG!

  33. Cats – just cause they are so great!

  34. Wombat, just because they’re so cute.

  35. kristy sweeney says:

    My daughter loves Kangaroos, see had a lovely kangaroo hop right up to her, so they have been her favourite ever since.

  36. My little one lives the parrots. He puts the cards on his shoulder & pretends to be a pirate :)

  37. Deanna Buckley says:

    My daughter LOVES Monkeys … She’s got a stuffed monkey that she adores and takes EVERYWHERE with her :-)

  38. In my son’s words – Koala is my favourite animal because it is super soft, cute,cuddly and gentle just like my newborn baby brother…

  39. The quokkas at Rottnest island : )

  40. My kids too love the animal cards! Pity the album had sold out by the time I’d found out about it! Doh!!!
    Anyways, Miss 11 likes the Quokka best, as it’s (in her words) so cute, and soft and fluffy! Miss 9 likes the short beaked echidna best she thinks it’s so cute. Cuteness wins in favourites ;)

  41. My son loves koalas as they are soft like cotton and is a very gentle animal.

  42. The lyre bird for its amazing, bewildering, and impressive ability to mimic sounds!

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