Organising The School Morning Routine – An Easy DIY Chart

A couple of weeks ago I showed you our chart that helps the children organise themselves for school and extra-curricular activities. This is placed near the door so we can make sure that nothing gets forgotten as we’re heading out the door.

However getting to this point is a whole ‘nother story – and a whole different chart!

School mornings can be frantic – and winter is the worst because the kids need to be out of bed and getting ready when it is still dark outside. As the Mum – my primary role in the morning is household manager. Getting children up and at ‘em, organising breakfasts, packing lunches, tying shoelaces, brushing hair, cleaning the kitchen, and getting myself dressed and ready.

It’s virtually impossible to stay on top of the children doing their own jobs, and I found that without my full attention they were starting to get distracted, misbehave, and we would either be very late, or I would go a little crazy trying to do a million things at once.

So these charts help the children stay on task with what they have to do each morning.

I have it positioned right near the kitchen, so that after every job they have to “report back” to their chart and move their little smiley face down to the next job. It means they are always in front of me, and I can easily see from a glance where everyone is up to and who needs a bit of a hurry on.

Some mornings they will race each other to get finished which is brilliant! But other days they will just work through their own list, throwing me a High-5 as they go past.

And if they ALL get their smiley face “in the car” before 7.30am, they can watch ABC Kids for 5-10 minutes before we have to leave.

Its incredibly easy to make – just jot down the tasks that your children need to do, put them in order, and then use Google Images to put your chart together! Don’t forget the laminator for the finishing touch.

We have used this system since the beginning of the year and it works! The small and consistent positive reinforcements that they get from moving their smiley face down the chart is just enough to keep them motivated and focussed.


  1. Fantastic idea, especially moving the smiley face as they go.

  2. oh what a fantastic idea – def one to remember when my little ones are a bit older. Some how I think mr 18mth old would just chew on the smiley face :)

  3. Great charts. Mine were very similar this year but I love the smiley face idea. I will share this on my website.

  4. Kimberley Belford says:

    I am so doing this !!! What a great idea , it is usually so hectic in the morning here that its like a mad house ahahaha me yelling out okay you done your teeth , hair blah blah blah hahah

  5. Kimberley Belford says:

    Do you have a template of the list or did you just make it yourself??

    • Hi Kimberley, I actually had a friend make this up for us, but I am working on a template printable at the moment :)

  6. Kimberley Belford says:

    I just did ours :) Thank you sooo much , just need to get them laminated :D and we are set , Ill let ya know how we go :)
    Thinking I should do one for the afternoon too HAHAHA

    • Brilliant!!!! Well done. One step closer to a calmer morning! I’d love to hear about your afternoon one!! :)

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