Dyson Digital Slim DC35 Animal Vacuum – Product Review

I have a bit of a love affair with Dyson. It all started when a friend bought her Dyson over for a playdate, and ran it over my freshly vacuumed floor. I was stunned (and a little bit sick) at how much the Dyson picked up from the carpet – remembering I had already vacuumed my floors with my old vacuum! Needless to say that we now have a much loved Dyson barrel vacuum as an integral member of our household.

So when Dyson released the new cordless vacuum earlier this month – the Digital Slim DC35 Animal – I had some pretty high expectations of what this baby could do. Let me tell you, my expectations were exceeded – and then some!

Now I don’t know about you, but my children aren’t exactly the tidiest diners on the planet. Cute? Yes. Messy? Absolutely. Forgivable? Sometimes (oh OK all the time). You want proof? Here is what my floor looks like after every meal. EVERY meal.

And sometimes I wonder why I even bother with bowls…

Now I have previously used another cordless vacuum on these floors. It used to be a bit of a game – I liked to call it, “Let’s see how many times I have to run over each crumb before the damn vacuum picks it up”. Lots of fun! So I invited Darcy (oh look when you get your hands on one of these you’ll want to name it too!) to play the game, and it just ate it up – literally. No spitting the crumb straight back out the back or going over it again and again! The secret is the Carbon fibre on the brushes which reduces the build up of static and helps to remove fine dust which is stuck to hard floors.

With just a squeeze of the trigger, the super powerful digital motor of the Dyson is up to 3 times faster than conventional motors (and spins five times faster than a Formula 1 car engine!) which makes it the most power-efficient cordless vacuum on the market. There is nothing escaping this sucker! Look at all that dust – it’s so gross but I strangely fascinated at the same time!

Without doubt, one of the most well-known features of the Dyson range is the Radix Cyclone Technology. Basically what this means is that it doesn’t lose suction while vacuuming. And believe me I tested it! I was so excited about my new toy that I vacuumed in places that I didn’t even know could gather dust! And not once did Darcy let me down. The Dyson Digital Slim runs for up to 15 minutes with constant power (13 mins with the floor tool attached). Look at what we got up to on our travels!

I have NEVER EVER been able to vacuum under this entertainment unit. Ever.

Floors to ceiling!

But here’s where it gets interesting – and this is what sealed the love affair. The accessory tools! No matter what you want to vacuum – there is a tool for the job! Skirting boards? The combination accessory tool works a charm! Look how it converts from a brush to a nozzle! Clever Darcy!

Cleaning in little nooks and crannies? The crevice tool is your best friend!

Heck I even got Fred on the case by having him vacuum all the doors! I love that whether you choose to use the long reach wand with motorised floor tool, or the handheld with the attachments, the power and grunt (OMG I can’t believe I just used that word) is just as impressive.

But that’s not all! The mini motorised brush tool is perfect for lounges (the first time you vac your lounge is not for the feint-hearted. Do you know how much filth gathers there? – blegh!), curtains, and is specially designed to remove pet hair and dirt from carpets. Great for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. I got a little excited and even vacuumed our lamp shades! They came up a treat!

Call me crazy (my Mummy Smiles Facebook friends may remember my fascination with clothes dryer lint), but the best part about the Dyson is emptying the bin canister. It gives me enormous satisfaction to pull the little red trigger, and see all the dirt, dust and filth just fall away – gone!

Now this little miracle is never going to replace your barrel or upright vacuum. It is not designed to do your whole house in one go, however the Lithium-ion battery does recharge up to 3 times faster than other cordless vacs (3.5 hours to fully charge).

The docking station also keeps the accessory tools nice and tidy.

I don’t know about your house, but 13 minutes is more than enough time to cover the dining room, kitchen and family room in one go! Especially when cleaning it 3 times a day, which is often the case in our house. It is also brilliant for those short, sharp jobs that need maximum power – a button can be pressed to trigger 6 minutes of higher suction.

So there you have it!

I actually tried to find some way I could improve the DC35 Animal (I’m helpful like that), but I just can’t. There are so many more cool features I want to tell you about, like the eco-friendly fact that there is NO standby light (only a light when the unit is charging), but you’re just going to have to take it from me that you will be amazed at just how much you can do with this little beast.

The final word: The Dyson DC35 Animal is available now from all major electrical retailers and retails for $499RRP. It also comes with a two year parts and labour guarantee.

Thank you Darcy Dyson, for making this Mummy Smile :)


  1. oh my that looks amazing i think ive found my christmas wish~!! how did you get to review it?

    • Natalie says:

      Thanks Sarah – I think it might be on a few people’s Wish Lists! Maybe we could do a group order with Santa?!

  2. I have been a long time lover of Dyson Vacuums. I am only on to my second barrel in 10 years because I ran over my first one trying to reverse my car into the carport @39 weeks pregnant! (so I could vac the car…,)
    I have the little handheld and we all love it, it is great for the car and cleaning up around our winter fireplace…
    Now I think I will have to add one of these to our home…
    Thanks for showing us Nat!

    • Natalie says:

      Beth did you cry when you ran over it?!?!?!!? OMG! The little handhelds sure do pack a punch don’t they!

  3. Great review! I want one! My black and dekker is pathetic and I use a dustpan and broom instead on my carpet after the kids eat.

    I could totally feel your attachment excitement Nat. Darcy will be every womens closet lover for sure!Oh that suction sounds so satisfying.

    Loved your reference to the lint *issue* too!

    • Natalie says:

      Lol Gemma. I just had to refer to my lint fetish! I think a dustpan and broom on carpet is very inventive indeed!

  4. Great review Nat, you sold me! Now just to wait for them to come on sale, I had enough trouble trying to convince my husband of spending $700 on my barrel Dyson, he would faint if he knew I had spent $500 on another one!

    • Natalie says:

      Faye – I reckon you could convince him ;) Once he see that it can do a bazillion things he’ll be sold too! I actually cleaned my car out yesterday because it was so easy – and that is no mean feat!

  5. Great review – I just got mine last week and I LOVE IT… I actually think it might replace my larger dyson as I am just too lazy to get it out and put it together whereas this little baby is off and racing .. IT IS WORTH EVERY CENT. My only gripe is no where to store the mini carpet/pet hair attachment – other than it – you cant improve on perfection

    • Natalie says:

      Patty that is so funny! I must say that thought ran through my mind as well. It really is so quick and easy! I placed my docking station next to the fridge, so I just pop my carpet attachment on top of the fridge. But it would be mighty clever if they found a “real” home for it!

  6. I’m a committed Dyson fan too and love my vac. I recently bought a handheld vac of a different name and within 2 months I passed it on as it was so useless. The ‘picking up a crumb’ game you write of is so true! I’ll have to start working the Dyson into the budget. ;)

    • Natalie says:

      Alicia – why do we do that to ourselves? I, too, am guilty of the “oh it’ll do” thought. But then I think, why didn’t I just spend the extra money and buy something that actually works!! I hope you get your own Darcy soon enough ;)

  7. My husband drives me nuts with “poor man pays twice” theory!! Lets hope when I get him to read your review he sees how important to our home a Darcy would be… I’m already thinking about where I could put the charging station etc. Hhhhmmm. Thanks Nat you’ve sold me.

  8. OMG I NEED … yes NEED not want … on of these! How awesome is it!

    By the way, I am so glad my floor is not the only one that looks like that after meal time!

  9. I just hope the next edition of this cordless vacuum cleaner increases the user time – that much money for only a measly 15 minutes of vacuuming doesn’t sound like good value for money …

    • I totally agree that the 15 minutes or so suction time provided by this machine is not worth the high price. So, until this cordless vacuum’s battery charge time is greatly improved, I won’t be purchasing one.

  10. Do you have to keep your finger constantly on the trigger button to keep the motor running. If so does this action leave your hand / fingers with RSI type of strains. I would be hoping all you do is press a button to tart the motor, fully grip the handle and work away and then press the button to turn it off. Thanks

    • Hi! That was one of the hardest bits to adjust to, because yes you do need to hold down the trigger. Although saying that, it is not a hard trigger, and if you hold your hand right it doesn’t feel any different to just holding the handle. I find holding the trigger with my middle finger is the most comfortable. I hope that helps!

  11. Sounds amazing!!!! But does it just turn off after 15minutes or is the suction just not as good! Considering buying one!!

    • Hi Shelly!
      No it doesn’t just turn off :) The 15mins is the Maximum power range, so after 15 mins it will still work but not at maximum power. It’s really quick to re-charge which is great.

      I use mine at least 3 times a day and have never had any power or suction issues at all – you will love it!

      Hope that helps :)

  12. Hi,
    Thanks for the review. I have 2 comments. I think the reason why the mini animal motor has no docking point is because most other countries do not sell that motor with the DC35. Regarding energy use and its environmental impacts- battery operated machines waste some electricity during the charging process. To see if it is environmentally friendly we’d have to include all factors like standby light, battery charging, and efficiency of the vacuum itself. This isn’t a judgement. I’ve purchased the DC35 myself. I just wish it came with a plug option.

  13. Thank you for writing such a brilliant and detailed review for this machine. I have just purchased one myself after reading how awesome you found it and I absolutely love it! It is so convenient to quickly bring it out and do the high traffic areas in between proper vacuums. I am wondering if lots of mini-vacuums may in time replace ‘proper’ vacuuming. It’s just so easy! No cords!

    I decided to do a little experiment. Before I bought the DC35, I vacuumed the whole house really, really, really thoroughly with my old machine (which I’ve had suspicions about for a long time, despite it being a ‘good’ brand and fairly expensive to buy a few years ago. When I got home, after charging the battery up, I then vacuumed a couple of rooms with the DC35. I could not *believe* how much dirt came up!! How amazing is this little machine that it can do a better job than a 2000W corded vacuum???

    • Hi Anne – thanks so much for your comments! I love that you did the pre-Dyson / post-Dyson experiment. It’s always a little scary isn’t it!!
      I’m so glad you are loving it – it’s a brilliant little machine!

  14. Hi Natalie,

    I just got a DC35 Animal!! YaY!! and i am loving it!! Thanks much for the brilliant review!


    • Geeta – that is fantastic!!! I am so glad you love it – I am a little smitten with mine too. Thank you for letting me know!

  15. I have one of these, and you need to be aware that the brush may damage really plush carpet – and I can’t see how to to turn it off (without removing the brushbar). Have I missed a hidden button somewhere?

    • Hi Simeon – I actually used mine on a wool shag pile and it was fine. It pulled off a lot of the fibres that would have shed anyway. Maybe you could contact customer service and get their advice? Thanks for your comments!

  16. I bought one of these and I have to say I am totally frustrated with it!!!!!!! Keeps cutting out, it’s clean empty charged and it still cuts out so annoyed with it!

    • Hi Ange! We had that exact problem happen with ours. The battery connector had just come loose. Once we checked the connections it was fine. Hope that helps!

    • Guy Hodges says:


      The motor pulsates if their is a blockage anywhere in the airflow. You need to regularly clean the head of the unit as any slight blockage will make the motor cut in and out to stop over heating. First check if the motor does this without the long cleaning arm attached. If the unit is fine without the arm attached you almost certainly have a slight blockage.


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