Our first stop in Cape Range - Sandy Bay.

Exmouth and Cape Range National Park

"Ummmmm... where's the water?" My first thought was that we had taken a dramatically wrong turn somewhere. If you go and grab a map of Western Australia - go to the middle-ish section of the coastline. See that sharp horn bit sticking out? See how it's all surrounded by water? Well it's not. … [Read More...]

Another indication of just how massive it is!

Tom Price and Paraburdoo {and Our Lestok Tour of the Mine}

It’s just a short drive from Karajini to Tom Price, but what a difference! We came out of the remote and dusty red sandy soil and then suddenly found ourselves in this beautiful green town with buildings and footpaths and lovely grassy parks… and full Internet and phone reception! There is only one … [Read More...]

Hold on tight!

Gorgeous Gorges in Karajini National Park {Kermitts Pool}

After days and days of white beaches and lots of shell collecting, we were headed inland! We sure knew we were back in the outback when we hit … [Read More...]

Our own "little" campsite for the night.

Free Camping on our way to Karijini {via Port Hedland}

Our original plan (that was set way before we even left home) was to continue from 80 Mile Beach down the coast of Western Australia – right to the … [Read More...]


Shells Shells Shells at 80 Mile Beach

We very nearly missed 80 Mile Beach. You would think that a beach that is, well, 80 miles long would have a number of camping options. And I guess to … [Read More...]

So many beautiful contrasts of colours.

Barn Hill Station and a Road-Train Encounter

We’d had such a lovely time in Broome, however we were ready to keep moving (and ready to escape the crowds). I know that many people are now … [Read More...]

Our Drive from Kununurra to Broome

From Red Dirt to White Sand {Our Journey Across The Kimberley}

Sponsored by Shell Australia When we first set off on our caravan adventure, we only had a rough idea of the route we would travel. We hadn’t … [Read More...]

The Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Our Tour of the Willie Creek Pearl Farm, Broome

There was ONE thing that I really wanted to do in Broome, and that was to learn more about the pearling industry, as the South Sea pearls are some of … [Read More...]

The iconic camels walking along Cable Beach.

Beautiful Broome and Hello Cable Beach!

From Derby to Broome, it’s only a very short drive, but what an incredible change of scenery. As we drove towards one of the first roundabouts, we … [Read More...]

Derby Jetty on low tide.

Discovering Derby

Our stay in Derby was very low-key and relaxing. Having made the decision to stay for two nights, we felt like we had plenty of time to look around … [Read More...]

Right at the spot where my eyes sprung a leak.

Drama Drama Drama on the Way to Derby {Halls Creek}

There are pretty much two ways that you can get from Kununurra to the West Coast - one is the Gibb River Rd, and the other is via Halls Creek and … [Read More...]

All packed up and ready to go... *sniff*

Our Last Day and Goodbyes at Kimberleyland {Kununurra}

After all the fun of the last couple of days - with the flight over the Bungle Bungles and the cruise along the Ord River, we weren't feeling quite up … [Read More...]