The kids could explore to their hearts content.

Falling in Love with Coral Bay

After a whole day of snorkeling in the turquoise waters of Cape Range National Park, we were hungry for more! More beaches, more fish, more coral, and more sunshine – we were gluttons for this tropical paradise that we had found on the Coral Coast of Western Australia. So our next stop wasn’t all … [Read More...]

Our first stop in Cape Range - Sandy Bay.

Exmouth and Cape Range National Park

"Ummmmm... where's the water?" My first thought was that we had taken a dramatically wrong turn somewhere. If you go and grab a map of Western Australia - go to the middle-ish section of the coastline. See that sharp horn bit sticking out? See how it's all surrounded by water? Well it's not. … [Read More...]

Another indication of just how massive it is!

Tom Price and Paraburdoo {and Our Lestok Tour of the Mine}

It’s just a short drive from Karajini to Tom Price, but what a difference! We came out of the remote and dusty red sandy soil and then suddenly found … [Read More...]

Hold on tight!

Gorgeous Gorges in Karajini National Park {Kermitts Pool}

After days and days of white beaches and lots of shell collecting, we were headed inland! We sure knew we were back in the outback when we hit … [Read More...]

Our own "little" campsite for the night.

Free Camping on our way to Karijini {via Port Hedland}

Our original plan (that was set way before we even left home) was to continue from 80 Mile Beach down the coast of Western Australia – right to the … [Read More...]


Shells Shells Shells at 80 Mile Beach

We very nearly missed 80 Mile Beach. You would think that a beach that is, well, 80 miles long would have a number of camping options. And I guess to … [Read More...]

So many beautiful contrasts of colours.

Barn Hill Station and a Road-Train Encounter

We’d had such a lovely time in Broome, however we were ready to keep moving (and ready to escape the crowds). I know that many people are now … [Read More...]

Our Drive from Kununurra to Broome

From Red Dirt to White Sand {Our Journey Across The Kimberley}

Sponsored by Shell Australia When we first set off on our caravan adventure, we only had a rough idea of the route we would travel. We hadn’t … [Read More...]

The Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Our Tour of the Willie Creek Pearl Farm, Broome

There was ONE thing that I really wanted to do in Broome, and that was to learn more about the pearling industry, as the South Sea pearls are some of … [Read More...]

The iconic camels walking along Cable Beach.

Beautiful Broome and Hello Cable Beach!

From Derby to Broome, it’s only a very short drive, but what an incredible change of scenery. As we drove towards one of the first roundabouts, we … [Read More...]

Derby Jetty on low tide.

Discovering Derby

Our stay in Derby was very low-key and relaxing. Having made the decision to stay for two nights, we felt like we had plenty of time to look around … [Read More...]

Right at the spot where my eyes sprung a leak.

Drama Drama Drama on the Way to Derby {Halls Creek}

There are pretty much two ways that you can get from Kununurra to the West Coast - one is the Gibb River Rd, and the other is via Halls Creek and … [Read More...]