7 Things You Should Do Before The End of the School Year

Time flies, right? Yup, depending on which state of this fine country you may be in, there are only a few weeks left of school. For us, we are almost halfway through Term 4 and barreling like a rocket towards Christmas (that is officially my first mention of the C-word for 2014!). It's kind of … [Read More...]

Our girl bonding session - the first of many more!

A Date With My Girls: Bonding Over Chocolate!

It's been five weeks since we got home. The weeks are long but the days are short... or something.  And suddenly we are almost halfway through the last term of school!! Our return to school has seen us dive headlong into all the fun of extra-curricular activities and after school sports. It has … [Read More...]

The nifty little Mirage Sedan LS - woot woo!!

Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan Review: A Fantastic Car for A to B

Before we left on our travels, I sold my car. It was a rather exhilarating experience!! Until I came back, of course. And then it was just a right … [Read More...]


Riding the Roller Coaster of Life With Your Children – When Are They Ready?

Long time readers will know that I often like to write in metaphors. And the sad reality is that I also speak, think and dream in metaphors. My mind … [Read More...]

Let the light in!!! Clean windows can have a huge effect - even when hidden behind blinds! (Hint: Open your blinds on Open House days!)

Preparing A Home For Sale: Ten Little Things That Make a Big Difference

Sponsored by Fresh Flowers I had great plans to make a bit of a series about the process of selling our house. We, of course, had high hopes of a … [Read More...]

Sunrise at Uluru - this is a "don't miss!"

Our Family Caravan Adventure Around Australia – Your Questions Answered

I asked for your questions - and you delivered!!! I have received so many questions about our recent travels around Australia (which I think is … [Read More...]

When it all got real...

A Slap In The Face With A Wet Fish

What a week! Have you noticed I have been a little quiet? My blogging is like therapy to me - a release. Which is why I will always find the time … [Read More...]

Fred's ideal "classroom".

Back to School Nerves For All Of Us!

I'm still not totally sure where I fit in at the moment. I'm still not quite either here nor there. But time marches on which means that school … [Read More...]

Day 1  - Where it all began.

Two Weeks Post-Travel: Ask Me Anything!

It's been two weeks since we arrived home from five-and-a-bit months of travelling around Australia in a caravan. TWO WHOLE WEEKS! How does that … [Read More...]

The happiness was bubbling out of them.

Coming Home – The End of Our Adventure

I never wrote a pregnancy diary when I was pregnant with Lucy. She has a baby book... but it's empty. I wrote a birth story for the other kids... but … [Read More...]

Lucy was so excited to blow out her candles!

Lucy’s Birthday Celebration in Toowoomba

After all the fun at the zoo, we stayed an extra day in Dubbo to let the kids enjoy the jumping pillow and pool at the caravan park. It was a great … [Read More...]

Ever fed a giraffe? Here's your chance!

Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo: Planning the Perfect Visit

Lucy and Katie were up before the sun and standing at the end of our bed with great big grins on their faces. "What are you doing up so early, girls?" … [Read More...]