Win this incredible Shopkins prize package!

Shopkins Review – Christmas Giveaway 2 (2014)

It's time to start thinking about what goes under the Christmas tree and I always think it's a bit tricky to find toys that can be used by children of different ages, and that also encourage open-ended play. The new Shopkins range might just tick those boxes! As we are right smack in the middle of … [Read More...]


Zoku Fish Pop Molds – Christmas Giveaway 1 (2014)

It's that time of year again!!! Every year on the blog, we celebrate the Festive Season with an AMAZING series of Christmas giveaways that will fill your heart with a whole lot of happy! This year, I am once again so excited to share with you some fabulous finds which will be perfect to pop under … [Read More...]

Desks are sorted, packed and ready for the move!

Packing Up The House – 4 Children, 4 Different Methods

Today is the day. When it all suddenly gets real. Our packers and removalists arrive today from Overseas Packers and Shippers. They will be spending … [Read More...]

A My Cubby house - where a child's imagination takes flight.

Our House, Their Backyard: The Kids Design Their Playground

Sponsored by My Cubby With now less than two weeks until we move house, there has been endless discussion about what needs to be done at the new … [Read More...]

carry on

Two Weeks Until We Move House!

Do you remember when there were two weeks to go until we travelled around Australia? I actually felt like I was pretty organised. I had lists and … [Read More...]


He’s Not My Problem to Be Solved… He’s My Son

The funny thing when you are travelling is that you can be surrounded by lots of lots of people, and yet still feel lonely. We spent many "happy … [Read More...]


7 Things You Should Do Before The End of the School Year

Time flies, right? Yup, depending on which state of this fine country you may be in, there are only a few weeks left of school. For us, we are almost … [Read More...]

Our girl bonding session - the first of many more!

A Date With My Girls: Bonding Over Chocolate!

It's been five weeks since we got home. The weeks are long but the days are short... or something.  And suddenly we are almost halfway through the … [Read More...]

The nifty little Mirage Sedan LS - woot woo!!

Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan Review: A Fantastic Car for A to B

Before we left on our travels, I sold my car. It was a rather exhilarating experience!! Until I came back, of course. And then it was just a right … [Read More...]


Riding the Roller Coaster of Life With Your Children – When Are They Ready?

Long time readers will know that I often like to write in metaphors. And the sad reality is that I also speak, think and dream in metaphors. My mind … [Read More...]

Let the light in!!! Clean windows can have a huge effect - even when hidden behind blinds! (Hint: Open your blinds on Open House days!)

Preparing A Home For Sale: Ten Little Things That Make a Big Difference

Sponsored by Fresh Flowers I had great plans to make a bit of a series about the process of selling our house. We, of course, had high hopes of a … [Read More...]

Sunrise at Uluru - this is a "don't miss!"

Our Family Caravan Adventure Around Australia – Your Questions Answered

I asked for your questions - and you delivered!!! I have received so many questions about our recent travels around Australia (which I think is … [Read More...]