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The Long Goodbye – Our Adventure Begins

We woke up on Monday morning, far too early to actually be productive, but there was no chance we were actually going to go back to sleep once we realised that this was actually the day. I got up and stood next to the bed thinking, “Hmmm. Now what?” I actually thought we were pretty much ready … [Read More...]

So many food options!

My Favourite Road Trip with Shell LoVe Drives

Sponsored by Shell Australia and Digital Parents Collective Before we had children, my husband and I would wake up on the weekends and say to each other “What shall we do today?” We had all the time in the world and rarely any plans, so we would just hop into our car and take off – flipping a … [Read More...]

It's Kermit by FOUR!

Our Staycation in Brisbane with Novotel and the Muppets

You probably saw in my recent post that this has been a tough week. The final planning and preparations are so draining that it can be all consuming - … [Read More...]


3 Nights To Go: I Think I Have Hit A Wall

I was talking to someone the other day about the countdown to our adventure and how much I was looking forward to it beginning. She replied, "But my … [Read More...]

The Party Pinata cake.

The Perfectly Imperfect Birthday Cake Fail

Every birthday in our family is always the same. The event planning starts weeks before the actual day, and one of the most anticipated highlights of … [Read More...]


1 Week To Go: School and Safety While Travelling

Today my children finish school. They will not return to their school until October. This thought does freak me out a little. OK - not just a little. … [Read More...]


Dear Katie, Tomorrow You Will Be Six

Dear Katie, Today is such a momentous day for you. For it is the last day that you will ever be 5 years old. Tomorrow, my beautiful girl, you turn … [Read More...]

to move

2 Weeks To Go: My Head Is Spinning!

And just like that, there are two weeks to go until we leave. I wish I could give you a very clear and detailed run down of everything I have … [Read More...]


Beautifully Stubborn: A Rose By Any Other Name

"Watch me, Mum, watch me! Are you watching me, Mum? Mum! Watch!" "Yes babe. I'm watching..." *Thump*...*Oomph* ... *Groan* I looked at my … [Read More...]


3 Weeks to Go: Lists, lists and more lists!

At the risk of putting the mockers on myself, I think I am at the stage where I can actually admit to feeling relatively organised, somewhat calm, and … [Read More...]


Superior Junior Pillow Review and Giveaway (5 To Be Won!)

***Sleep*** It's one of those words that we don't think all that much about when we are getting enough of it. But for many Mums, it's a word that … [Read More...]

how lucky

4 Weeks To Go: So Happy To Be So Sad

Holy Macaroli! So that's another week down - just like that! We now have three weeks left of school and 4 weeks until we leave. Am I ready? Ummmm - … [Read More...]