The sand was so fine and powdery that it squeaked when we walked on it.

Esperance: And Our Thoughts About Going Home

Due to our slightly extended stay in Albany, we decided it was time to start covering some more ground between stops. After going back and forth in our minds about when we should be aiming to return home, we finally have come to a tentative decision that we should be back by mid- to … [Read More...]

A play on the playground was essential when it is as cute as this!

Albany: Whales and Wind

What I love about Albany is that it is very easy to stay in town and enjoy the walks along the beach, shopping at the local farmers markets, the great coffee and even the bike track that runs from one beach to another. We enjoyed a day of getting around town for a bit of Sunday brekkie and taking it … [Read More...]

The Segway lessons begin!

Albany and The Old Marron Farm {Animal Love}

Dear Albany, I’m so sorry. I don’t know why we were just planning on a quick one-night stand with you. The truth is, we just didn’t know. We didn’t … [Read More...]

Amazing that this tingle tree is perfectly healthy and stable!

Pemberton and Walpole: All About The Trees

The drive into Pemberton is incredibly beautiful. Everywhere we looked, there were lush green paddocks filled with sheep and cows and the occasional … [Read More...]

On our way past the Pirate Cow to get to the lighthouse.

Margaret River: The Lighthouses and the Scenic Coastline

I hope that after writing the last couple of posts, I have been able to convey just how much there is to the greater region of Margaret River. It was … [Read More...]

Have you ever seen anything quite like this?

Margaret River: Food Glorious Food

OK, so I have to admit that our food experiences in Margaret River may have been as much fun for me as it was for the kids! There is SO much on offer … [Read More...]

Standing in the doline of Lake Cave.

Margaret River: The Amazing Caves

When someone says 'Margaret River', my first thought has always been about wineries and vineyards. It's what the region is famous for - and rightly … [Read More...]


Heading South – Mandurah, Bunbury and Busselton

After leaving Perth, it was time to continue our travels south. We were heading for Margaret River but I wanted to call into some of the towns along … [Read More...]

Incredible views of Perth CBD from Kings Park.

The Highlights of Our Stay in Perth

Our days in Perth passed so quickly. We managed to fill up each day with lots to see and do. We were initially a little overwhelmed by how the big the … [Read More...]

A birthday treat - morning tea before we hit SciTech.

Fred’s Birthday Celebrations in Perth

We arrived into Perth only a little while after we had left the Pinnacles. It’s incredible to think that we could have been standing in the middle of … [Read More...]

I loved that it was just us in the park.

Cervantes and The Pinnacles {and Hide-and-Seek}

We were keen to start the day fresh after such an eventful previous day. It was very much about the drive, and getting THERE safely – wherever … [Read More...]

The Pink Lake at Port Gregory.

Geraldton, a Pink Lake and Breaking Down on the Highway

One of the hardest things about travelling within a relatively short time-frame … (ok – side point here. Once upon a time we thought six months was … [Read More...]